Before Socratic


In the Socratic tomorrow there are 2 specific things I would like to talk about. One is abusing power. I want to talk about abusive power because Himmelstoss really abuses all of the power he has because his life outside of the War was disappointing and not important. I think this would be a really good topic to dive into because of how controversial abusing his power is. I also think this would be good to discuss because abusing power is also very relevant in our world and it would be cool to share opinions and examples of it right now. Also to see if we could come to a conclusion on if it’s his fault or if it’s because of his past or both. Two is Comradery and how important it is. Comradery is a huge theme in the book and so far it has been extremely relevant. I think that the main characters in the story obviously have the war in common so they kind of have to be friendly with each other but I really think it is so cool how they take just being in the same war one step further to becoming really close to each other and probably life long friends. I also think that this would be good to discuss because of how relevant it is in our lives. We all have close friends and we all have Comradery and I think that talking about this might be a good way to realize this. Overall I think that these two topics would be great to talk about because of their relevance in the book and in our lives.