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All Quiet Video Essay


Andrew Blau

Fitz English

FInal Metacognition on All Quiet on the Western Front


    My experience reading All Quiet was a roller coaster. I started reading the book thinking it was very dull and just about meaningless. I was not at all excited to read this book and I thought it was just going to be a waste of my time. For rage first fe chapters of reading I thought that the book was just about some kids who went to war and I was sure that I would get nothing out of reading the book. There were no lessons to learn. As I got a decent amount into the book I started to get a sense that the book had a much greater meaning and lots of lessons that I could learn. At this point I started to enjoy the book. Things were getting more exciting and there was much more meaning to me in the story. At this point in the book I realized that the book wasn’t very long at all. When I started reading I thought that it was going to take forever to read and be a super long book, but when I found out it wasn’t my while mindset changed. I started reading the book with more intent and meaning trying to process everything that was happening and all of the lessons that there were. Towards the end of the book I was actually having a pretty good time reading the book. I started to have a better mindset while reading, I was actually understanding what was going on, I was also getting more from the lessons that there were and I was seeing the bigger meaning of the book.