How Was Reading the Book



Life is better with books 


      I have really enjoyed the experience of reading All Quiet On The Western Front. It has lots of action, and it puts you into the perspective of how tough war was for men only a few years older than us. My experience reading this book was like no other book I have other read. It makes you picture the frontline, the barb wire and the disgusting food that Germany can give to the soldiers. You feel for the boy that is still inside Paul. The way how the book goes from the frontline to Paul visiting his mom and his family in his hometown. The book has deep meaning and strong themes expressed in each chapter. One big theme throughout the book is compassion. Paul went out of his way to help poor Russian prisoners who were suffering worse than him, and were dying each day. He felt compassion for the poor Frenchmen he ended up stabbing when they were fighting. Paul felt the pain because he realized that he had a wife and he had children. These descriptive scenes really engaged me when I was reading. Usually when I’m reading, I have a tough time focusing and paying attention to all the significant details in the book, but when they have very descriptive scenes I can put myself in Paul’s shoes.






The Power Of Friendship


Red Sox Game



The Greatest gift of life is friendship


      Friendships start off in the very beginning, and last to the very end. The first time I met Liam I knew that we would be friends for awhile. It all started in Kindergarten, when I met Liam and were pretty friendly, but then when we were in 1st grade we were really good friends. Liam and I would go on what we used to call play dates. We would do normal 1st grade stuff. We would play soccer, basketball and baseball together. The first thing that was fun and adventurous was go to a Red Sox game on a school night. We did a lot of fun stuff but nothing was better than goin to a baseball on a Thursday school night. We had a long day of school and a quick afternoon baseball practice, but we were both excited to watch the Red Sox against the Indians. This was my first MLB game watched, and as a first grader I was especially excited. I remember walking into the car and feeling excited for my first MLB game. Liam and I were both extremely excited the whole time during the game, but nothing beat the cotton candy in between and inning. I still remember the taste of that cotton candy in my mouth. Liam and I were 1st graders watching a Red Sox game on a school night while eating cotton candy. We would eat, scream at the players who we thought couldn’t play baseball, and hold up our gloves to catch that lucky foul ball. This was one of the best experiences with a friend as a young 1st grader, and is still a good experience as a 8th grader. I didn’t have to go to a Red Sox game with Liam to prove that we were good friends, but going on a school night in 1st grade to a Red Sox game was pretty cool. We got to miss school the next day, and we would talk about it for many and many weeks. Liam today is still one of my close friends, and this experience is something I will not forget.






Chapter 7 Socratic

Questions for the Socratic





You can live forever through understanding but not by adjusting



In this chapter Paul realizes that has changed him as a person emotionally, but wouldn’t coming back to a safer environment make him more comfortable?


Did Paul know that his mother was sick before visiting her this chapter?


Would Paul rather be on the frontline fighting the being home with his family?


I think the reason we talk about these questions because Paul had a tough time coming back home and being normal again. He couldn’t talk to his own mother about the tough times of war. He couldn’t adjust to the normal environment. Even when the came back from the battle and they were relaxing, Paul still had those thoughts lingering in the back of his mind.

Literary Reflection Paragraph

Power of Experience 



People learn in a lot of different ways but experience is the best teacher


       Some books are meant to be read; others are meant to be experienced. In the book, All Quiet On The Western Front, I really experienced the pain of war, and the fear of war. The author did a great job on putting me in the main characters shoes. While reading chapter 6 I really was experiencing what Paul and his friends were in. It gave me the chills, and it made me feel bad for all the young soldiers there. The situation was unsanitary and it was really hard to imagine. Chapter 6 really put me into the characters shoes. As I start most readings assignments, I thinks it going to be another average book. Especially in Chapter 6 my point of view changed. The first part of the book was good, but it did not show war like Chapter 6 did. I really felt the fear of the young recruits on the frontline. Tis shows the gruesome conditions of war. “I stand up the wall of the trench is plastered with smoking splinters, lumps of flesh, and bits of uniform. I scramble back.” This material may be protected by copyright. It used vivid words, and strong metaphors that conveyed that situation very well. I thought that really helped me to see the situation in my head. After this chapter I find myself wanting to read more. Chapter 6 had a lot of battle and action, and the anticipation and excitement built up. I think that Chapter 6 is a turning point in my experience reading this boat. I was moved wheni was able to put myself in the battle they were in. I felt the tough experience that Paul and his friends had to undergo. I felt for the young recruits who’s faces were as green as chicken broth. I found myself really enjoying the experience of the book. My experience is always changing chapter to chapter, but my theme is living. I’m able to live in the book, and I’m able to feel the power of war. I am able to be in the book while I’m reading. I feel the fear of the bravest men. I see the recruits shiver like it is below freezing, everything in the book is rolling like a movie in my mind. This book is that good that I experience it and I’m  being placed in the book and the hell they call war.














Literary analysis paragraph chapters 1-2




The soldier above all others prays for peace for it is the soldier who must suffer and bare the deepest wounds of war

-Douglas MacArthur 


     Brotherhood is the key of getting over war.. In the book, All Quiet at The Western Point, by Erich Maria Remarque and Arthur Wessley Wheen,  Paul and his young friends find ways to enjoy themselves during war. Paul and his friends, fight and have to live in the dirty trenches, but they still find time to do things they like. They play Skat. They go to the latrine for two hours and talk while there pooping. Also, there leader is always standing up for his group. What I really like about this book is the leadership that Katczinsky shows. It sets a great example for Paul and his young friends who are still in high school. He really taught them the ways of war, and helped them adapt to war, Paul and his friends now enjoy going to the latrine for 2 hours, sitting and talking with nothing in between all of them. This quote shows how Katczinsky stood up for his crew, and didn’t listen to a stubborn cook


“Why won’t that do, you old carrot?” demanded Katczinsky.

“Eighty men can’t have what is meant for a hundred and fifty.”

“We’ll soon show you,” growled Müller.

“I don’t care about the stew, but I can only issue rations for eighty men,” persisted Ginger.

Katczinsky got angry. “You might be generous for once. You haven’t drawn food for eighty men. You’ve drawn it for the Second Company. Good. Let’s have it then. We are the Second Company.


      Katczinsky shows Paul and his young friends what brotherhood and leadership is. I really have enjoyed listening to Katczinsky as he leads energetic young men. I think also Paul and his friends have become closer together and to there fellow soldiers. They went to see one of there injured friends. They saw Kemerich they made everything seem like it was okay. They told him he wasn’t dying when really he was dying right in front of there very own eyes. They told him he was fine and tried to help him. Back then when someone died you moved on. Paul and his friends visited and supported a struggling soldier, and that is the definition of brotherhood. throughout the first couple chapters Paul, Katczinsky and the rest of his friends show you how stick together and showing leadership matters. Paul and his friends visit and support a falllen friend. Katczinsky stands up for his hungry crew when they deserve more than what the stubborn chef gives. They stick together and that is what brotherhood is about.



I accidentally wrote this instead of the paragraph for the Socratic 




Chapter 4 Literary analysis







Succes is how you bounce after hitting bottom

-General George S. Patton, US army



    Brotherhood is how men are able to get through the war. While reading “All Quiet On The Western Front”, the themes are what brings the book to life. Kat is the clear leader of the soldiers on the front. There is a chain of brotherhood and leadership which connects all of the men. In chapter 4 brotherhood keeps them alive and Paul demonstrates great empathy and courage when he takes a new recruit under his wing. This was an example of brotherhood on the battlefield. As they walk back to camp after the bombardment suddenly get attacked by English soldiers with poison gas. One young recruit who Paul helped when they were getting bombed while building barb wire was in trouble and Paul got him to cover and saved his life again. Paul was determined to save the young recruit and show his sense of brotherhood that Katzinsky taught him when he was young. Katczinsky stood up for his soldiers in the beginning of the book when the cook wouldn’t serve food that he made for for 80. Katzinsky stepped up for his fellow soldiers and was bargained with the cook for more food for the group. This book is a great book that shows history, survival and brotherhood. Chapter 4 was a great chapter with lots of fighting and I am excited to see what direction this book goes in.



Johnny and I shared the work pretty evenly. He worked on the writing, and I did the setup and smoking gun. I also kind went over it. It was easier having 2 people and I think it turned out good.








Quiting Hockey





                                          You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take





       Choices influence people’s future; However, quitting hockey was my most regretful decisions I have ever made. After I had my 3rd concussion, I knew I would have to quit hockey. As my schedule got busier Hockey was starting become less visible compared to other sports.

       I remember the day I told my Dad I couldn’t play hockey anymore, after I got my 3rd concussion. I remember telling him I didn’t want to play anymore. Today I remember the stops at Dunkin’ Donuts at 6:30 in the morning. There I was, little 5th grader who had been playing Hockey since he was four. He enjoyed flying across the ice decked out in hockey gear, he enjoyed eating a Boston cream donut from DDs after every game. That little boy still lives inside of me. I wish to be back on the ice, but one thing has always prevented me from doing that. It was my concussions. By the time I was in 5th grade I had three. My life was Hockey and basketball, and by the time 5th grade ended I made up my mind. I told my dad with great sorrow because I loved hockey. Hockey gave me 2 concussions, but I will never forget it. Telling my parents I didn’t want to do it was hard, but I love basketball and I thought I made the right choice.

       It was a tough decision but I made the right one; however, I miss hockey a lot. Getting concussions to many concussions from Hockey lead me to that decision, but I still miss skating around the ice; I am happy with basketball, and my sports today, but hockey will forever be in my heart; Sports are what make my weekends better. Hockey gave me memories that I will never forget.




Iambic Trimeter

Ice Cream

It tastes like its sweet(a)

It tastes really creamy(a)

It forever makes my heart beat (a)

It forever makes me dreamy (a)


If you feel like your hot (a)

If you feel like your cold(a)

The best thing you’ve ever bought  (a)

Is the best thing been sold (a)


It has different flavors(a)

It has different toppings(a)

So tell all your neighbors(a)

Because they better get shopping(a)


It is the best dessert(a)

It mostly makes kids scream(a)

Eat it till you feel hurt(a)

Because it is ice cream (a)





I liked writing the Iambic trimester because it has more of a rhythm and you can fit more words into it. My iambic trimeter didn’t make perfect sense, but I believe I did a good job following the rules, and actually getting a half decent poem. I liked writing this way more than writing the Iambic dimeter. I like writing about Ice Cream because I can taste it in mouth and visualize it in my brain while I’m writing. I think the longer the Iambic poem becomes, I think it becomes easier.

Iambic dimeter



The way a ball (a)

goes through the net(b)

 Just watch it fall(a)

Wasn’t it wet(b)


Always a swish(c)

And that’s a bet(d)

Wouldn’t you wish(c)

You are a threat(d


Hot Chocolate



It was so sweet (a)

And was so hot(b)

You want to eat(a)

It’s just a thought (b)


It’s so creamy(c)

The Spanish say(d)

It made kids dreamy(c)

It makes my day(d



This poem was a lot harder. I kind of found myself trying to coming up with ideas at the wrong time at night. My brain could not function, and it took me awhile to even find a word that would rhyme and work. I found this also tougher because I feel like I had a hard time to get a real rhythm. I really liked writing these, but I just found a tough time of really writing and Iambic poem rather than writing a poem that rhymes. I would say the hard part about writing this poem was by far the rhythm. Not only did it have to have a particular rhyme scheme, it also had to have a rhythm that made sense, and stayed consistent from line to line. I think the first one was a lot easier to write because I started writing, and then my brain starting working, and I found myself coming up with more ideasIambic