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Quiting Hockey





                                          You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take





       Choices influence people’s future; However, quitting hockey was my most regretful decisions I have ever made. After I had my 3rd concussion, I knew I would have to quit hockey. As my schedule got busier Hockey was starting become less visible compared to other sports.

       I remember the day I told my Dad I couldn’t play hockey anymore, after I got my 3rd concussion. I remember telling him I didn’t want to play anymore. Today I remember the stops at Dunkin’ Donuts at 6:30 in the morning. There I was, little 5th grader who had been playing Hockey since he was four. He enjoyed flying across the ice decked out in hockey gear, he enjoyed eating a Boston cream donut from DDs after every game. That little boy still lives inside of me. I wish to be back on the ice, but one thing has always prevented me from doing that. It was my concussions. By the time I was in 5th grade I had three. My life was Hockey and basketball, and by the time 5th grade ended I made up my mind. I told my dad with great sorrow because I loved hockey. Hockey gave me 2 concussions, but I will never forget it. Telling my parents I didn’t want to do it was hard, but I love basketball and I thought I made the right choice.

       It was a tough decision but I made the right one; however, I miss hockey a lot. Getting concussions to many concussions from Hockey lead me to that decision, but I still miss skating around the ice; I am happy with basketball, and my sports today, but hockey will forever be in my heart; Sports are what make my weekends better. Hockey gave me memories that I will never forget.




Iambic Trimeter

Ice Cream

It tastes like its sweet(a)

It tastes really creamy(a)

It forever makes my heart beat (a)

It forever makes me dreamy (a)


If you feel like your hot (a)

If you feel like your cold(a)

The best thing you’ve ever bought  (a)

Is the best thing been sold (a)


It has different flavors(a)

It has different toppings(a)

So tell all your neighbors(a)

Because they better get shopping(a)


It is the best dessert(a)

It mostly makes kids scream(a)

Eat it till you feel hurt(a)

Because it is ice cream (a)





I liked writing the Iambic trimester because it has more of a rhythm and you can fit more words into it. My iambic trimeter didn’t make perfect sense, but I believe I did a good job following the rules, and actually getting a half decent poem. I liked writing this way more than writing the Iambic dimeter. I like writing about Ice Cream because I can taste it in mouth and visualize it in my brain while I’m writing. I think the longer the Iambic poem becomes, I think it becomes easier.

Iambic dimeter



The way a ball (a)

goes through the net(b)

 Just watch it fall(a)

Wasn’t it wet(b)


Always a swish(c)

And that’s a bet(d)

Wouldn’t you wish(c)

You are a threat(d


Hot Chocolate



It was so sweet (a)

And was so hot(b)

You want to eat(a)

It’s just a thought (b)


It’s so creamy(c)

The Spanish say(d)

It made kids dreamy(c)

It makes my day(d



This poem was a lot harder. I kind of found myself trying to coming up with ideas at the wrong time at night. My brain could not function, and it took me awhile to even find a word that would rhyme and work. I found this also tougher because I feel like I had a hard time to get a real rhythm. I really liked writing these, but I just found a tough time of really writing and Iambic poem rather than writing a poem that rhymes. I would say the hard part about writing this poem was by far the rhythm. Not only did it have to have a particular rhyme scheme, it also had to have a rhythm that made sense, and stayed consistent from line to line. I think the first one was a lot easier to write because I started writing, and then my brain starting working, and I found myself coming up with more ideasIambic