Literary analysis paragraph chapters 1-2

Chapter 4 Literary analysis







Succes is how you bounce after hitting bottom

-General George S. Patton, US army



    Brotherhood is how men are able to get through the war. While reading “All Quiet On The Western Front”, the themes are what brings the book to life. Kat is the clear leader of the soldiers on the front. There is a chain of brotherhood and leadership which connects all of the men. In chapter 4 brotherhood keeps them alive and Paul demonstrates great empathy and courage when he takes a new recruit under his wing. This was an example of brotherhood on the battlefield. As they walk back to camp after the bombardment suddenly get attacked by English soldiers with poison gas. One young recruit who Paul helped when they were getting bombed while building barb wire was in trouble and Paul got him to cover and saved his life again. Paul was determined to save the young recruit and show his sense of brotherhood that Katzinsky taught him when he was young. Katczinsky stood up for his soldiers in the beginning of the book when the cook wouldn’t serve food that he made for for 80. Katzinsky stepped up for his fellow soldiers and was bargained with the cook for more food for the group. This book is a great book that shows history, survival and brotherhood. Chapter 4 was a great chapter with lots of fighting and I am excited to see what direction this book goes in.



Johnny and I shared the work pretty evenly. He worked on the writing, and I did the setup and smoking gun. I also kind went over it. It was easier having 2 people and I think it turned out good.