Chapter 4 Literary analysis
Literary Reflection Paragraph

Literary analysis paragraph chapters 1-2




The soldier above all others prays for peace for it is the soldier who must suffer and bare the deepest wounds of war

-Douglas MacArthur 


     Brotherhood is the key of getting over war.. In the book, All Quiet at The Western Point, by Erich Maria Remarque and Arthur Wessley Wheen,  Paul and his young friends find ways to enjoy themselves during war. Paul and his friends, fight and have to live in the dirty trenches, but they still find time to do things they like. They play Skat. They go to the latrine for two hours and talk while there pooping. Also, there leader is always standing up for his group. What I really like about this book is the leadership that Katczinsky shows. It sets a great example for Paul and his young friends who are still in high school. He really taught them the ways of war, and helped them adapt to war, Paul and his friends now enjoy going to the latrine for 2 hours, sitting and talking with nothing in between all of them. This quote shows how Katczinsky stood up for his crew, and didn’t listen to a stubborn cook


“Why won’t that do, you old carrot?” demanded Katczinsky.

“Eighty men can’t have what is meant for a hundred and fifty.”

“We’ll soon show you,” growled Müller.

“I don’t care about the stew, but I can only issue rations for eighty men,” persisted Ginger.

Katczinsky got angry. “You might be generous for once. You haven’t drawn food for eighty men. You’ve drawn it for the Second Company. Good. Let’s have it then. We are the Second Company.


      Katczinsky shows Paul and his young friends what brotherhood and leadership is. I really have enjoyed listening to Katczinsky as he leads energetic young men. I think also Paul and his friends have become closer together and to there fellow soldiers. They went to see one of there injured friends. They saw Kemerich they made everything seem like it was okay. They told him he wasn’t dying when really he was dying right in front of there very own eyes. They told him he was fine and tried to help him. Back then when someone died you moved on. Paul and his friends visited and supported a struggling soldier, and that is the definition of brotherhood. throughout the first couple chapters Paul, Katczinsky and the rest of his friends show you how stick together and showing leadership matters. Paul and his friends visit and support a falllen friend. Katczinsky stands up for his hungry crew when they deserve more than what the stubborn chef gives. They stick together and that is what brotherhood is about.



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