Chapter 7 Socratic

The Power Of Friendship


Red Sox Game



The Greatest gift of life is friendship


      Friendships start off in the very beginning, and last to the very end. The first time I met Liam I knew that we would be friends for awhile. It all started in Kindergarten, when I met Liam and were pretty friendly, but then when we were in 1st grade we were really good friends. Liam and I would go on what we used to call play dates. We would do normal 1st grade stuff. We would play soccer, basketball and baseball together. The first thing that was fun and adventurous was go to a Red Sox game on a school night. We did a lot of fun stuff but nothing was better than goin to a baseball on a Thursday school night. We had a long day of school and a quick afternoon baseball practice, but we were both excited to watch the Red Sox against the Indians. This was my first MLB game watched, and as a first grader I was especially excited. I remember walking into the car and feeling excited for my first MLB game. Liam and I were both extremely excited the whole time during the game, but nothing beat the cotton candy in between and inning. I still remember the taste of that cotton candy in my mouth. Liam and I were 1st graders watching a Red Sox game on a school night while eating cotton candy. We would eat, scream at the players who we thought couldn’t play baseball, and hold up our gloves to catch that lucky foul ball. This was one of the best experiences with a friend as a young 1st grader, and is still a good experience as a 8th grader. I didn’t have to go to a Red Sox game with Liam to prove that we were good friends, but going on a school night in 1st grade to a Red Sox game was pretty cool. We got to miss school the next day, and we would talk about it for many and many weeks. Liam today is still one of my close friends, and this experience is something I will not forget.