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Literary Analysis Paragraph On Through The Tunnel





Some people want it to happen, some wish it could happen, and others make it happen



      Determination is the key to success; In the short story, Through the Tunnel, Jerry has determination to swim through the dark tunnel just like the older native boys. Jerry sees older native boys swim through this dark and long tunnel, and sees them hanging out on the other side. Jerry at first when he went to the tunnel at Rocky Point, the older boys were swimming through. He saw the first kid go, and he thought he was drowning, but really he was holding his breath for 2 minutes while swimming under the tunnel. Jerry saw this and wanted to be like the older boys and swim under the tunnel. He was determined. When Jerry swims up to Rocky Point he sees the native older boys up there having fun. They include Jerry even though he is a foreigner and only 11 years old. Jerry feels included with these boys until they start to swim in the dark salty sea. One goes under for a solid 160 seconds and a Jerry starts to worry if he is drowning. All of a sudden his head pops up on the other side, and he is calling to his friends to come over. They all go under to meet there friend on the other side. Jerry tries but the salt gets in his eyes and he has to go back up. The boys end up leaving Jerry on the other side by himself and ashamed that he couldn’t make it through the tunnel. 


      He climbed back to the diving rock and sat down, feeling the hot roughness of it under his thighs. The boys were gathering up their bits of clothing and running off along the shore to another promontory. They were leaving to get away from him. He cried openly, fists in his eyes. There was no one to see him, and he cried himself out


      Jerry was determined succeed; Jerry was determined because the older boys did it; Jerry was determined because he wanted to prove himself he could do it. He was deeply affected by not being left behind by the older boys because he couldn’t swim past the tunnel. He the next day asked his Mom for googles so he could see in the dark nasty water. He did many tests on how long he could hold his breath. He continued trying and trying. He would get nosebleed after nosebleed. One day he was able to hold his breath for 10 seconds more than usual. He thought that he should go today, but he decided to wait. His mom said that they were leaving in 4 days. Jerry decided that he had to do it soon. He went to Rocky point about to face the challenge of the tunnel. He was determined to defeat the tunnel. Jerry started off swimming and hit his head. His breathing was fine, but was a little off. Right when he thought that he couldn't go any further, he reached the end. Jerry was able to defeat the tunnel because of determination and the will to succeed. Jerry felt accomplished even though he had a massive nosebleed. Jerry was inspired by the older boys, and was determined defeat the tunnel before he had to go back home