The Power of Friendship


Always friends



Friendship is about the journey you take together on the path of life. I don't quite remember how or when I met Isah, but it was when I was about 3 or 4 at the church I went to. We have been friends for nine or ten years now and we do a lot together. We now go to the same school and I felt it has completed a friend group with my other best friend.Isah, Evren and I all go to Fenn. Me and Evren have been here since 4th grade and Isah came in 7th. 7th grade was a tough year because of the pandemic, but we were all in the same cohort, and I was so happy to not be alone. One experience I had with Isah was in seventh grade during a project with two of my other friends. We had to make a podcast about the New York colonies. We worked on it at home separately, but we were most productive when we worked together. We had a sense of teamwork and connection from all the years we've been friends. We were all in it together, not just the project, but we were together through many tough times. It was such a simple thing, but it really showed our friendship. Our friendship has been very important to me, especially through COVID times, where we were in the same class. In tough times, we support each other, and we are always there for each other. If in seventh grade, I didn't have my friends in my class, I don't know whether I would survive. Whether surviving a pandemic, or surviving math class, it is important to have a friend there.

The Power of Family


A trip to Florida

Eston Brainerd


“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”

~George Burns


Family is always together, even while far away. Visiting family every year is important to me. I don't often get to see them and it is a highlight of my year. I have so many good memories and experiences there to last a lifetime. I always look forward to it and it is great to see family that I don't often see. 

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Brainerd Windsor Mountain essay

Windsor Mountain Narrative Essay


Eston Brainerd

Fitz English

Windsor Mountain



 has two meanings-

Forget Everything And Run 


Face Everything And Rise

The choice is yours.

— Zig Ziglar.


The whole eighth grade was going to Windsor Mountain camp in New Hampshire. It was in the middle of  nowhere and had no service. I was skeptical at first because I didn't have very good experiences with sleep away camps. But later I was surprised at how many memorable experiences. I had many good memories of playing with friends or eating the food but not all were pleasant. I had to overcome many challenges sent my way. Overcoming challenges was difficult, but in the end they paid off. Whether overcoming pain or fear, I always persevere through my challenges; I also had time to relax and get to feel calm through my experience at camp Windsor Mountain.

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I Hate School

As a student It is unfair what we are expected to do in a day                                                               

As a student It is unfair what we are expected to do in a day

It is unfair that we do all these things and still be called a child

It is unfair that we are working so hard all day just to go home and do more

Why should I go home to solve for x

Or read some random article about someone who lived 200 years ago.

After working tirelessly like a bear looking for salmon for diner                                                           

of food we work towards imaginary numbers going up

I am a bee slaving over seemingly endless work

We are labeled by society dumb or smart because of that imaginary number

That we call our grade     

I feel like a fly under a cup

I feel like a mouse in a mouse trap

I am a star in a black hole with no escape in sight.

This is what I endure five days a week as a student.