Experience At Fenn Narrative

Jack Bretl

Fitz English

Experience Narrative Essay Form


The Experience Of My Talk With Mr. Ward

Getting turned down is something you must endure in life. About two weeks ago I was told by Mr. award that I was not elected as school president. This was one of the lowest points of my life. Although Mr. ward shared some of his thoughts with me that made me feel a lot better. Mr. Ward sat down with me talked to me about how this reflects on my character. In the beginning I didn’t feel to confident running with Malcolm, I wanted to but I didn’t think he would have made a strong running mate. Mr. Ward sensed that in me so he sat me down and said to me that this shows what kind of person you are. He said that this shows how kind you are to not turn down Malcolm. He told me how this made me look like someone who someone would want to run with. He then gave me a firm handshake and a very affectionate “hey, great job”. This was a really cool experience for me. It really made me feel so much better about the experience. I felt like I gained so much more out of the experience. Mr. Ward did a fantastic job letting me know that I did the right thing by sticking win Malcolm. I gained a sense of appreciation and approval from him when he told me that I had done a great job. I believe he and I knew that I would have made a great president but that’s not the deck that I was dealt. After this conversation I walked around the rest of the day with a little more of a pep in my step, this conversation saved me from the pit of defeat and brought me to the boardwalk of victory. This experience not only changed my day, but it changed how I will look at the rest of life. I may have not won but the experience I had with Mr. Ward was just  as important to me.

-Jack Bretl


Through The Tunnel Literary Analysis In Essay Form

Jack Bretl

Fitz English 

May 27

Exam Literary Analysis

Through The Tunnel Literary Analysis

4E1B4DE0-C71C-4ED7-B046-75ADC96DE022“Confidence comes with maturity, being more accepting of yourself.”

Nicole Scherzinger


Becoming more mature is a natural function, and that is exactly what Jerry does in the story Through The Tunnel by: Doris Lessing. This story is based around a young boy who is an only child on vacation with his widowed mother. The two of them have a normal beach routine where they both spend the day at the same beach, but this changed when the Son,  Jerry, wants to go to the Rocky Bay. “Going to the shore on the first morning of the vacation, the young English boy stopped at a turning of the path and looked down at a wild and rocky bay and then over to the crowded beach he knew so well from other years.”

The boy grows an interest in the rocky bay because he has never been, and goes to the quiet beach almost everyday. His mother’s reaction when letting him go alone was quite nervous for the boy and herself “She was thinking, Of course he’s old enough to be safe without me. Have I been keeping him too close? He mustn’t feel he ought to be with me. I must be careful.” After  spending some time at the rocky bay he notices native boys that are going underneath the water and disappearing until appearing on a different side of the bay. “Soon the biggest of the boys poised himself, shot down into the water, and did not come up. The others stood about, watching. Jerry, after waiting for the sleek brown head to appear, let out a yell of warning; they looked at him idly and turned their eyes back toward the water. After a long time, the boy came up on the other side of a big dark rock, letting the air out of his lungs in a sputtering gasp and a shout of triumph.” He realizes there is a tunnel in which he would very much like to go through. 

“He was without light, and the water seemed to press upon him with the weight of the rock. Seventy-one, seventy-two… There was no strain on his lungs. He felt like an inflated balloon, his lungs were so light and easy, but his head was pulsing.”

Jerry had done it he not only had done it but he had done it in the span of just a couple of days. He grew an interest in something so he trained,  and taught himself how to execute this task. He matured greatly in this triumph. He not only separated himself from his mother but he undoubtedly swam in a dark tunnel with marginal training. He held his breath for about three minutes and proved himself that he could do it. His own Mother never even knew he had done this. All she saw were the nose bleeds and the bumps on his head. After Jerry accomplished his triumph he saw the group of native boys whom he expressed interest before he swam the tunnel, but now since he had done it he had lost interest in them. “After a time, his heart quieted, his eyes cleared, and he sat up. He could see the local boys diving and playing half a mile away. He did not want them. He wanted nothing but to get back home and lie down.”

He has matured and is now his own hero. His mother Never knew, he did it because he wanted to, not to prove anything.



Metacognition 1- Video Project


day 1 of video project

May 7 2019 

Today I learned of the video project I will be taking part in for my English class. The video will be constructed around what we experienced while reading the book and a short summary of the book. I feel very confident going into this project becuase of how much I enjoyed reading the book. I feel that I have engrossed all the detail and information that will help me make a satisfying video. Today in class arched a example video of a past Fenn graduate. I also started to collect some background images, film, and audio for the video. I found a great abundance of online footage of the war that I’ll be able to use during the video. Tomorrow in class I plan on starting to write my script. I intend on putting a summary of the book in the very beginning to give context to the audience. But for the very first scene I would like to talk about something  that will hook the reader so when they listen to the summary the audience does not become bored.


Jack Bretl

All Quiet On The Western Front Final Metacognition

Jack Bretl

Fitz English


Wow, that was one crazy book. The amount of detail I experienced was insane. The story of Paul and his journey on the Western front was not only a great learning experience but a great example of what it was like. From being told that joining the Army was the right thing by his teacher Kantorek to now wing one of the only couple men to survive the whole war. During this time he wished he had gone through school and lived a successful life, but he put that on pause for a while. Being drafted as a teenager was not his plan in life but that’s the deck He got. Paul made so many memories during his time on the front some good but mostly bad. He experienced shelling’s and Bombardment’s to an insane extent. While reading this I experienced a lot of emotion in my mind. I really tried to imagine my self as Paul. This story took me on a route with a series of devastating, dramatic, and lively events. When Paul stabbed the French Man and instantly regretted it, I felt him. I could feel him in agony and devastation. This book taught me a lot about history and daily life as a soldier on the front. This book also widely expanded my vocabulary with words that I wouldn’t necessarily use in my daily life but still worth knowing. The thought that I’m really stuck on is how hard it is to be about to graduate high school and then be sent off to war. You are a 18 year old trying to figure out what to do with your life but you have to pause your regular life and go sere for your country and keep yourself alive. I really like this book and I’m looking forward to making a video about my experience reading the book.


Jack Bretl

All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 7 Literary Analysis

Jack Bretl and Andrew

April 26


The horror of modern war separates the good from the bad.   In chapter eight of All Quiet On The Western Front there is a sense of poor treatment and horror. The Russian prisoners of war are forced to dig through the German trash just to find something to eat. The horrible treatment of the Russian prisoners is bringing out another side of Paul where he realizes the commonness of man.The quote below explains and expands our broad theme. It describes Paul’s experience seeing the Russians at their concentration camp.

“They rarely speak and then only a few words. They are more human and more brotherly towards one another, it seems to me, than we are. But perhaps that is merely because they feel themselves to be more unfortunate than us. Anyway the war is over so far as they are concerned. But to wait for dysentery is not much of a life either.”

 The horrors of war changed Paul’s outlook on the enemies of war. Paul’s experience seeing the struggle of the Russians made him think of them less of prisoners and more of victims. What the Russians went through was so in humane that even though Paul knew they were the enemy he struggled to not empathize. Paul’s actions in

The Power Of Friendship

Jack Bretl 

Saturday 4/20





The Power That Is

8F12EE23-7C06-4226-ABDB-5C18D6A20DBD“I’m no one with out friends”

-Jack Bretl


A human life without friends is a life wasted. Friends are literally what I live for and nothing else. Spending time with friends is the most fun thing I can think of doing. Having people in your life that you can trust make inappropriate jokes is the one thing that makes me happy. No matter size, religion, or color of skin you can be my friend. I just require a certain amount of trust. All this made me think WHAT IS THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. The power is simple. When you have a friend you’ve got a companion and a person that will always have your back and is as keen as you are for spending time together. My friends and I do all sorts of things together. We work, read, swim, run, bike, play video games, go to movies, go to town, go to the mall, travel, and most importantly we lift each other up. When I’m down and all I can see is the darkness around me it’s not my family that lifts me into the light it’s my friends. All my friends at school and I have such a close knit bond that we can lift each other’s spit is even when the shit hit’s the fan. It’s the true friends that always come back to you even when your in some trouble or just need someone to spend the day with. Living a life with out friends would be, in my book, the hardest thing to do. Let this paragraph be a reminder to hold onto the ones whom you have shared the best of times, the ones you make jokes and play with. Remember you are only friends with people who you know you can trust.


Jack Bretl


Chapter 7 Socratic Discussion Idea

Jack Bretl

Chapter 7 Read

Socratic Discussion Ideas


After reading this chapter there is only one thing I wish to discuss in our discussion tomorrow. I would like to discuss how hard it is for Men to go back and forth from being on a battle front and home. In this chapter one of the main characters, Paul,  is sent home on a seventeen day leave. This happens during a time when he is not to excited to leave. Him and his soldiers are getting a long well and he even has found himself a woman. He is also told that when he returns he will be going to training camp and will not return to the front. This is disappointing news to Paul because he knows that he may never see his fellow soldiers again. When he gets home his family is ecstatic to see him but unfortunately his mother is ill and bedridden. Time goes by and he receives an abundance of food and satisfactory rest. He visits the mother of one of his fallen soldiers and explains his death. He is then sent off and that is where the chapter ends. Due to the chapters sense of detail on Paul’s return I think it is worth it to discuss how this would be like for many other soldiers.