Literary Reflection Essay


The Adventures of  Tom Sawyer


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Well, everybody does it that way, Huck."

"Tom, I am not everybody.” 

― Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Life without adventure is an egg with out a yoke. After reading the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by: Mark Twain, I experienced enough adventure for a life time. This book led me through an adventure. Learning about the different way’s of life way back in the 19th century brought me through a time machine. The different characteristics of all the characters in the book were so interesting that I thought they all lived in a world where laws are more like guidelines and school is more like a place to go.  

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Literary Analysis Essay On Tom Sawyer

Jack Bretl and Johny Drapeau                                                                

October 22 2018

Literary Analysis Essay #1                          


The   Adventures Of

Tom Sawyer


 Tom Sawyer Literary Analysis Essay Of Adventure




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One of the biggest parts of a boys life is adventure. In the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Tom is constantly going on crazy adventures and is always having fun. Tom Sawyer like most boys loves adventure and loves the thrill of doing something crazy. Although Tom gets in trouble a lot he has found a way to get out of any problems he gets himself into. 

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Tom Sawyer Metacognition

The Adventures Of Tom

Sawyer Metacognition 



Ah, if he could only die temporarily!”
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


the last couple chapters I’ve read of Tom Sawyer by: Mark Twain have been nothing but excitement. The love, murder, and adventure’s have been nothing but exciting. In the eighth chapter where Tom engages to Becky in a class room at school but then accidentally says that he was already engaged. The definition of engaged in this book is much different then how I would use the word. In this book it means that who ever you are engaged to must be the only person you love, kiss, or have any feelings for. Becky doesn’t react well to learning Tom was already engaged even when Tom says he doesn’t have feelings for the other girl anymore. In this section of reading was Tom’s first official adventure with Hucc Finn. During this adventure they both sneak out at night and sneak into the woods. During this journey they encounter the under of doctor Robinson!! Both of them end up swearing on blood to never speak of it again no matter where they are. The behavior by everyone in the book has amazed me, every one acts in a much different way than anyone would in the twenty first century. I hop as I read on in the wonderfull book the same adventurous behavior carries on.


Jack Bretl


What Family Mean’s to me

Your Real Family Will Be

With You For Every Step Of

The Way





                                        Family is not an important

                                                      thing, it’s  everything

                                                                      -Micheal. J. Fox



For every step of the Way your family will be there to guide you. My Family has been here to guide me through my whole career as a student. When I Struggled in math my dad was there to guide me through the equations. I have always struggled in math and having my dad their to help me is always a great help. There was a night last year where I didn’t understand anything but he taught the whole lesson in a different way and I understood it in complete totality. When my dad and I sit down to do math I usually don't enjoy doing it. It’s the fact that I’m not enough self sufficient to do the work by myself. I then remember I’m not siting with my dad for enjoyment I’m sitting with him to get a better grasp on something that will have a significant difference on my future as a student. Having my family there to me calms me down. They’re support and me feeling confident that they’re here to help and not put me down gives me a sense of happiness. I know that I have to show the same respect and support towards them to keep mutual respect. so as I close the flap on this paragraph I would like to end it on one last note for you to keep in mind. Everything your family gives you you should give back in any way you can.

-Jack Bretl

Tom Sawyer and me


Sharing The Adventure 


 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

By: anonymous 

Tom Sawyer is, well in my mind he is a trickster. He knows how to get in or out of anything. He is like a snake. Tom Sawyer and I both like to have a good time and get into some trouble but I’m not as skilled as him when it comes to getting out of it. This summer my friend Ben and I went roof climbing at 2 am on Marthas Vineyard. We did it as a way to say goodbye to summer. We didn’t get into any trouble and we had a dope time. I at first didn’t want to do it but my parents were out of town and I wanted something to look forward to. We didn’t think we were going to but we ended up climbing 4 roofs. It’s amazing how easy it is. During the setting of this book I don’t think Tom would be doing that but it’s definitely similar to something he would do. I dont blaming him for wanting to do that. Without parents He doesn’t really have anyone but his aunt holding him back and there not necessarily great parents. Tom Sawyer has no problem getting into any trouble because he can get out of anything. He always an escape plan wether it’s through words or a building. I hope I get to do more things like Tom Sawyer so we can both share the adrenaline rush.

Jack Bretl

Life Flashing By


Life And Death







“We trouble our life by thoughts about


and our death by thoughts about life.      

Michel de Montaigne”



It’s about five or six aclock the cool breeze hits my face as I look at the ocean from my view. I    m a five year old getting ready to go out to dinner with my family. We are on an island called St.Croix staying at my gradparents house. I throw on my belt and tighten it till its snug, slide on my loafers and take a step out of the cabana where im staying. I see my parents standing by the pool wearing very fancy clothes. My mom has a drees on and my dad has a suit and tye. I take one more look at the view of the endless ocean before I start walking towards my parents next to the pool. Then my whole life flashes infront of me. I cant swim and I fall back first into the 7 feet deep pool. I look up and see the blue sky and clouds passing by and then I close my eyes. About 6 seconds later my mother dives in with all her fancy clothes on and brings me to the surface. My head was spinning in all different directions. There was so much going on so procesing it was like running a marathon for a five year old. When I finally get a grasp on my surroundings I hug my mother and I still forgive her atleast every week to this day. I will often think about what would happen if nobody saw me fall and I did run out of air that day. That's the thing if I died all I would want to do is be with my mother to cope the pain but that’s not how it works. What my mother did that day not only saved my life but out families life. I dnt think anyone in my family could have lived with the burden of my passing on their conscience. So once agian thank you mom our lives would have never been the same if you didnt that initiative.


Jack Bretl

The Ejection


My goal is to deny yours.
Author Unknown


Ejection. Ejection is when you are removed from the game or competition and that is what happened to me 2 hours ago. I play hockey for my town team and although I may not be tho best player on the team I play with all my heart. This year being my first year with checking being allowed I get a sense of adrenaline on the ice. It’s more exciting. Checking is also a very dangerous act that can lead to injury.


At my most recent hockey game I got ejected for boarding. About two hours before the game I got new skates and I was still getting a grasp on the new blade during the game which led to the hit. The player was fighting for the puck with another player and I was entered the fight to get the puck but I slipped and hit the player hard in the back and he went headfirst into the boards. I was very apologetic and had no intention to hurt him. Because he was “injured” (got up and played the rest of the game) I got ejected. The ref forced me off the ice and made me undress. I was pretty annoyed with the call but stuff happens.


Again I didn’t intend to hit him at all. Part of me is apologetic the other part is pissed because the kid was fine and just wanted me out of the game. My coach said it didn’t look like I meant to do it so he wasn’t mad he was more informative to make sure it didn’t happen again. So that is how my Sunday Evening went, how was yours?


Jack Bretl

Bonding in the Wild


You cannot contribute anything to the ideal condition of mind and heart known as Brotherhood, however much you preach, posture, or agree, unless you live it.      

Faith Baldwin



The bus creaked to a stop at Camp Windsor. The entire eighth grade class disembarks into the foggy moist air. It’s Wednesday and it’s the first of three days at Camp Windsor for the eighth grade class. This is trip is where we are supposed to “bond”. The camp is located near mount Windsor but not on it. Right after we get off the buses we head towards our cabins. Of course my advisor gets the worst cabin. Our Cabin is the smallest, but it has the most beds which makes total sense. Every step you take in the cabin is so loud just because of how old the wood is. Any ways this place looks pretty dope so I’m pretty excited for this trip. This place does look like it will require a certain amount of focus and brother hood as well as a good attitude.


Our first event was introductions. Introductions was a time where we got to learn all the counselors names. We did this in a pretty old, but large wooden cabin, it was the camps meeting house. The rain was still heavily coming down so our first activity after introductions had to be altered to an indoor version of it. All activities were done by advisor group. My advisor group had the low ropes activities first. Because of the rain the ropes course was off limits so we went into some old humid cabin that looked like it was and made by my fathers fathers father. During this we weren’t really that focused, we actually weren’t focused at all. We all knew that we must work with more focus and passion in the activities to come.


The next day we get up pretty damn early, it was still dark out. I was not excited. Breakfast was ok, but so were all the other meals. Nobody was expecting gourmet meals, but I don't think many people were pleased with the food. Anyways the day had a lot to it. We had six one hour activities, snack breaks, advisor time and we somehow squeezed free time into the mix. Free time was the best part of the day. Almost everyone if not everyone in the grade went down to the waterfront to either swim, canoe, kayak, or chill at the dock and watch the stillness of the lake shine under the sun. There was a sense of bonding during free time, I felt we all became a community at free time. Everyone in the grade was bonding with each other, wether it was being sprung on the water trampoline or throwing your self off the dive tower we all did it together. It was one of those times that I feel like i’ll remember for quite some time.


The activities were all structured around pushing yourself, team building, and supporting each other. I found that on my advisor groups first activity we struggled. We didn’t show much care towards the activity which led to us loosing focus. Through out the trip I feel we grew from that and on one of the last activities of the trip we showed very focused, attentive and determined behavior. I was very pleased with this it showed me that we improved significantly and improvement is a great thing to start off the year with.



on the last night I experienced on the best moments of my life. The final Campfire we had was always supposed to have a sense of reflection and respect but I think this campfire brought that to the next level. The second half of the camp fire was the most meaningful and open portion. Almost everyone had something to say, wether it was getting something off your chest or sharing something with the class that you wouldn’t normally tell your peers. We did this for about an hour or two, it felt like eternity. Everyone treated each other with such respect and empathy, it was a special moment. There were Many apologetic comments that I felt were very valuable to the person apologizing and the receiver of the apology. When I think back of all the new friends I’ve made at Fenn and how much our relationships grew over the course of the last couple years I become sad and depressed. I feel that lump in my throat and before I know it I’m balling my eyes out. I think of guys like Will Hickey, who is a great friend and always wants the best for me, I think of guys like Jack Moscow who automatically became a great friend as a new boy with me and finally Ben Lisa who pushes me in my athletic endeavors and is a great friend to have. I could go on and on but it’s those people in my Fenn Career that have really made a difference. We all knew that this would be our last year together for most of us and that will definitely be a very significant and hard change to adapt to, so I plan on making the most out of this year. This campfire will alway stick in my mind and I will alway think of it as a safe and respectful environment.


Now I’m back sitting here writing this essay for my English teacher hoping he likes it but, I also loved writing this piece. Everything I learned was definitely worth being expressed on paper. I created a greater bond with everyone in my class and I feel like this year will go much smoother because of that.




Jack Bretl








Jack Bretl




Slice Of Life

A Slice Of Fenn Football





Fenn, Fenn is a place where you learn how to be a exemplary student, athlete, artist, and to have a great attitude. One of the things I value most at Fenn are the opportunities you have. One of my favorite opportunities at Fenn is Fenn Football.


At Fenn I play Football, Hockey, and Baseball, and although I might not be the best on the team the opportunity is what matter’s. Before Fenn I didn’t pay football and I now have a much better perspective on the game and how its played. Football is not only a lot of fun but its a great excessive for both for your mind and body. I’m excited every day to get out there and  compete, create bonds with my teammates, and gain physical and mental strength. Its a great game to Finish your day with because all the energy i’ve built up in class needs to be let out somehow. I find that being able to use a great facility, have great coaches and some great gear is all you need for a great football team and not every football player gets to enjoy that. 


Playing Football at Fenn has taught me a lot about what playing on a team is like. Everything you learn playing football at fenn I believe has a significant value to it and I hope every other Fenn Football player feels the same way.


Jack Bretl

Summer Camp


Jack Bretl’s Guide to Canoe Tripping



 Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

-Helen Keller

   When I was first given this assignment I honestly thought writing 500 words was a waste of time. Like why would I spend 2 hours basically repeating the same thing over and over to make it seem long. But after absorbing what Mr. Fitz said about how you should pick something you know a lot about I instantly thought Keewaydin.

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