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Literary Reflection Essay


The Adventures of  Tom Sawyer


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Well, everybody does it that way, Huck."

"Tom, I am not everybody.” 

― Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Life without adventure is an egg with out a yoke. After reading the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by: Mark Twain, I experienced enough adventure for a life time. This book led me through an adventure. Learning about the different way’s of life way back in the 19th century brought me through a time machine. The different characteristics of all the characters in the book were so interesting that I thought they all lived in a world where laws are more like guidelines and school is more like a place to go.  

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Literary Analysis Essay On Tom Sawyer

Jack Bretl and Johny Drapeau                                                                

October 22 2018

Literary Analysis Essay #1                          


The   Adventures Of

Tom Sawyer


 Tom Sawyer Literary Analysis Essay Of Adventure




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One of the biggest parts of a boys life is adventure. In the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Tom is constantly going on crazy adventures and is always having fun. Tom Sawyer like most boys loves adventure and loves the thrill of doing something crazy. Although Tom gets in trouble a lot he has found a way to get out of any problems he gets himself into. 

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Tom Sawyer Metacognition

The Adventures Of Tom

Sawyer Metacognition 



Ah, if he could only die temporarily!”
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


the last couple chapters I’ve read of Tom Sawyer by: Mark Twain have been nothing but excitement. The love, murder, and adventure’s have been nothing but exciting. In the eighth chapter where Tom engages to Becky in a class room at school but then accidentally says that he was already engaged. The definition of engaged in this book is much different then how I would use the word. In this book it means that who ever you are engaged to must be the only person you love, kiss, or have any feelings for. Becky doesn’t react well to learning Tom was already engaged even when Tom says he doesn’t have feelings for the other girl anymore. In this section of reading was Tom’s first official adventure with Hucc Finn. During this adventure they both sneak out at night and sneak into the woods. During this journey they encounter the under of doctor Robinson!! Both of them end up swearing on blood to never speak of it again no matter where they are. The behavior by everyone in the book has amazed me, every one acts in a much different way than anyone would in the twenty first century. I hop as I read on in the wonderfull book the same adventurous behavior carries on.


Jack Bretl


What Family Mean’s to me

Your Real Family Will Be

With You For Every Step Of

The Way





                                        Family is not an important

                                                      thing, it’s  everything

                                                                      -Micheal. J. Fox



For every step of the Way your family will be there to guide you. My Family has been here to guide me through my whole career as a student. When I Struggled in math my dad was there to guide me through the equations. I have always struggled in math and having my dad their to help me is always a great help. There was a night last year where I didn’t understand anything but he taught the whole lesson in a different way and I understood it in complete totality. When my dad and I sit down to do math I usually don't enjoy doing it. It’s the fact that I’m not enough self sufficient to do the work by myself. I then remember I’m not siting with my dad for enjoyment I’m sitting with him to get a better grasp on something that will have a significant difference on my future as a student. Having my family there to me calms me down. They’re support and me feeling confident that they’re here to help and not put me down gives me a sense of happiness. I know that I have to show the same respect and support towards them to keep mutual respect. so as I close the flap on this paragraph I would like to end it on one last note for you to keep in mind. Everything your family gives you you should give back in any way you can.

-Jack Bretl

Tom Sawyer and me


Sharing The Adventure 


 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

By: anonymous 

Tom Sawyer is, well in my mind he is a trickster. He knows how to get in or out of anything. He is like a snake. Tom Sawyer and I both like to have a good time and get into some trouble but I’m not as skilled as him when it comes to getting out of it. This summer my friend Ben and I went roof climbing at 2 am on Marthas Vineyard. We did it as a way to say goodbye to summer. We didn’t get into any trouble and we had a dope time. I at first didn’t want to do it but my parents were out of town and I wanted something to look forward to. We didn’t think we were going to but we ended up climbing 4 roofs. It’s amazing how easy it is. During the setting of this book I don’t think Tom would be doing that but it’s definitely similar to something he would do. I dont blaming him for wanting to do that. Without parents He doesn’t really have anyone but his aunt holding him back and there not necessarily great parents. Tom Sawyer has no problem getting into any trouble because he can get out of anything. He always an escape plan wether it’s through words or a building. I hope I get to do more things like Tom Sawyer so we can both share the adrenaline rush.

Jack Bretl