Tom Sawyer Metacognition
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Literary Analysis Essay On Tom Sawyer

Jack Bretl and Johny Drapeau                                                                

October 22 2018

Literary Analysis Essay #1                          


The   Adventures Of

Tom Sawyer


 Tom Sawyer Literary Analysis Essay Of Adventure




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One of the biggest parts of a boys life is adventure. In the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Tom is constantly going on crazy adventures and is always having fun. Tom Sawyer like most boys loves adventure and loves the thrill of doing something crazy. Although Tom gets in trouble a lot he has found a way to get out of any problems he gets himself into. 

     In chapter 7, Tom loves to make adventures in his head. Tom and his friend were pretending to be Robin Hood and making adventures all in there head. Tom is always playing make believe to pass the time and have fun with his friends. Tom also loves the thrill of doing something crazy and always knows how to get out of trouble:     


Who art thou that dares to hold such language? I, indeed! I am Robin Hood, as thy caitiff carcass soon shall know. Then art thou indeed that famous outlaw? Right gladly will I dispute with thee the passes of the merry wood. Have at thee! 

-Chapter 7

     Adventure plays a huge role in the book. Just the thrill of going to the graveyard like Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn gives them both a sense of adventure. Tom is always Everyone needs to have a little bit of adventure in them to  have a fun and interesting life. Throughout the book Tom Sawyer goes on many adventures and learns how live a life of adventure and fun.


Jack Bretl and Johny Drapeau