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Ccyh Hockey

Jack Bretl

January 13

Blog Post


CCYH Hockey

Our Season (so far)


This year I’m playing on the Bantom  B team for CCYH. This was my second year involved in CCYH hockey and my first year in Bantom B. Our first team practice was way back in late August. It’s been a long ride so far for our team suffering from a lot of adversity and injuries. CCYH doesn’t t have a home rink so most of our games are filled with away team fans and colors. CCYH has also never been fortunate anought have extremely skilled players on their teams. This season things changed. The Bantom B team started off 0-3 this was not only uninspiring to the players but to the fans. So the week later we had three practices and we talked a out what needed to happen for us to start wining. Soo enough we started winning and we were winning a lot. We went on a hot streak holding off teams to our best ability. We were the hardest hitting, most passionate and sooner enough the number one team in our division standing at 12-3. Our team put in a lot of effort towards the hockey season. Yesterday we played against Cambridge. Cambridge was tied for second place with Melrose. We knew this was going to be an important game for us and we didn’t show up at all. Our defense was sloppy our passing was mediocre and our effort wasn’t there. Our team knew we should have won’t that game and we didn’t. So I, going to assume this week will be filled with some discipline and strenuous drills to get us back into the swing of things. The season is far from over but having momentum going into the post season is very important. Especially in a team sport. I and many other players on the team are expecting a lot out of everyone on the team to perform at their best ability at every game and hopefully that’s what we will receive next week.