Three Amigos Classic Story Analysis

Guliver’s Travels Experience

Jack Bretl

Jan 16 2019

FITZ English

Gulivers Travels 


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

I feel like the best things to receiver are the ones You can’t expect.. Gulivers Travels, by Jonathan Swift, amazed me with all of the plot twists and fantasizing. The author has pleased me with his fictional writing and at the same time has stuck to a plot. During Gulivers first journey, he encounters people who are the size of his palm and use him for warfare. He the ends up sailing back to England and then soon after on an other ship. On this ship he goes to a remote island where he disembarks but the whole ship leaves him behind. He is then left on an island with huge grass fields with gargantuas monsters, but friendly ones. I did not expect that this story would be any thing like this; I expected it to be a non fiction story regarding Gulivers real travels; instead, it’s an interesting story about fictional voyages and journeys. I used to hate reading fantasy stories, but not with Gulivers Travels. I love when I’m either surprised or amazed by something. I didn’t expect to be amazed by Gulivers Travels, but I am.