Jack Iambic Dimter
All Quiet On The Western Front Socratic Metacognition.

Iambic Trimeter Poetry

Jack Bretl

Iambic Poetry

Saturday March 2


Chute 1


 We looked we saw we starred  (a)

  My dad and I were scared(a)

  Chute 1 was not so safe(b)

  I found my line to take(C)


I strapped in to my ski (d)

I picked my line to flee  (d)

And through the snow I went (e)

That sound that feeling was there (f)


My ski carved left  and right  (g)

 for my turns were very tight (g)

I hit a bunch of moguls  (h)

It’s over and all is well (I )


The rest was flat with pow (j)

I have done it but how (j)

I did it with strong focus  (k)

And with a tad of hocus pocus (k)




Ok, these are way harder than dimeter poems. I think it is because in most sentences you don’t use and odd number of beats. Anyways this took me an hour and. Half and I still think I could spend another 2 hours improving it. I’m excited to write more poems like this and I think this type of writing will help me in the future.