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All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 4 Theme Of Instinct

All Quiet On The Western Front Socratic Metacognition.

Jack Bretl

Monday April 1st

Metacognition Review Material


Today in English class I read chapter 3 of All Quiet On The Western Front while reading I annotated and made note of vocabulary words. Tomorrow in class we will be having a Socratic seminar based around chapter 3. This is a Metacognition on what I would like to be boroughs up tomorrow. In chapter 3 I learned a lot about a character named Kat. Now Kat isn’t special in any way but he has been around the war for a very long time so he knows his way around. He also teaches the young soldiers how to be and how to find certain things they could need. Tomorrow I’d like to learn talk about or ponder the though of how Kat a grasp on all of this knowledge. I think this would be mice to learn becuase we would then have some background information on some of the older soldiers. I also learned how some of the more important platoon members taught the younger ones. Joining up is only the first step and I would like to think about what the younger soldiers did to prepare themselves for war. This Socratic will be a great example of a time to famine some more background information and detail on some characters in the story so when can better comprehend the story.