Chapter 6 Literary Reflection
The Power Of Friendship

Chapter 7 Socratic Discussion Idea

Jack Bretl

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Socratic Discussion Ideas


After reading this chapter there is only one thing I wish to discuss in our discussion tomorrow. I would like to discuss how hard it is for Men to go back and forth from being on a battle front and home. In this chapter one of the main characters, Paul,  is sent home on a seventeen day leave. This happens during a time when he is not to excited to leave. Him and his soldiers are getting a long well and he even has found himself a woman. He is also told that when he returns he will be going to training camp and will not return to the front. This is disappointing news to Paul because he knows that he may never see his fellow soldiers again. When he gets home his family is ecstatic to see him but unfortunately his mother is ill and bedridden. Time goes by and he receives an abundance of food and satisfactory rest. He visits the mother of one of his fallen soldiers and explains his death. He is then sent off and that is where the chapter ends. Due to the chapters sense of detail on Paul’s return I think it is worth it to discuss how this would be like for many other soldiers.