Chapter 7 Socratic Discussion Idea
All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 7 Literary Analysis

The Power Of Friendship

Jack Bretl 

Saturday 4/20





The Power That Is

8F12EE23-7C06-4226-ABDB-5C18D6A20DBD“I’m no one with out friends”

-Jack Bretl


A human life without friends is a life wasted. Friends are literally what I live for and nothing else. Spending time with friends is the most fun thing I can think of doing. Having people in your life that you can trust make inappropriate jokes is the one thing that makes me happy. No matter size, religion, or color of skin you can be my friend. I just require a certain amount of trust. All this made me think WHAT IS THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. The power is simple. When you have a friend you’ve got a companion and a person that will always have your back and is as keen as you are for spending time together. My friends and I do all sorts of things together. We work, read, swim, run, bike, play video games, go to movies, go to town, go to the mall, travel, and most importantly we lift each other up. When I’m down and all I can see is the darkness around me it’s not my family that lifts me into the light it’s my friends. All my friends at school and I have such a close knit bond that we can lift each other’s spit is even when the shit hit’s the fan. It’s the true friends that always come back to you even when your in some trouble or just need someone to spend the day with. Living a life with out friends would be, in my book, the hardest thing to do. Let this paragraph be a reminder to hold onto the ones whom you have shared the best of times, the ones you make jokes and play with. Remember you are only friends with people who you know you can trust.


Jack Bretl