Metacognition 1- Video Project

All Quiet On The Western Front Final Metacognition

Jack Bretl

Fitz English


Wow, that was one crazy book. The amount of detail I experienced was insane. The story of Paul and his journey on the Western front was not only a great learning experience but a great example of what it was like. From being told that joining the Army was the right thing by his teacher Kantorek to now wing one of the only couple men to survive the whole war. During this time he wished he had gone through school and lived a successful life, but he put that on pause for a while. Being drafted as a teenager was not his plan in life but that’s the deck He got. Paul made so many memories during his time on the front some good but mostly bad. He experienced shelling’s and Bombardment’s to an insane extent. While reading this I experienced a lot of emotion in my mind. I really tried to imagine my self as Paul. This story took me on a route with a series of devastating, dramatic, and lively events. When Paul stabbed the French Man and instantly regretted it, I felt him. I could feel him in agony and devastation. This book taught me a lot about history and daily life as a soldier on the front. This book also widely expanded my vocabulary with words that I wouldn’t necessarily use in my daily life but still worth knowing. The thought that I’m really stuck on is how hard it is to be about to graduate high school and then be sent off to war. You are a 18 year old trying to figure out what to do with your life but you have to pause your regular life and go sere for your country and keep yourself alive. I really like this book and I’m looking forward to making a video about my experience reading the book.


Jack Bretl