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Jack Bretl

Fitz English

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The Experience Of My Talk With Mr. Ward

Getting turned down is something you must endure in life. About two weeks ago I was told by Mr. award that I was not elected as school president. This was one of the lowest points of my life. Although Mr. ward shared some of his thoughts with me that made me feel a lot better. Mr. Ward sat down with me talked to me about how this reflects on my character. In the beginning I didn’t feel to confident running with Malcolm, I wanted to but I didn’t think he would have made a strong running mate. Mr. Ward sensed that in me so he sat me down and said to me that this shows what kind of person you are. He said that this shows how kind you are to not turn down Malcolm. He told me how this made me look like someone who someone would want to run with. He then gave me a firm handshake and a very affectionate “hey, great job”. This was a really cool experience for me. It really made me feel so much better about the experience. I felt like I gained so much more out of the experience. Mr. Ward did a fantastic job letting me know that I did the right thing by sticking win Malcolm. I gained a sense of appreciation and approval from him when he told me that I had done a great job. I believe he and I knew that I would have made a great president but that’s not the deck that I was dealt. After this conversation I walked around the rest of the day with a little more of a pep in my step, this conversation saved me from the pit of defeat and brought me to the boardwalk of victory. This experience not only changed my day, but it changed how I will look at the rest of life. I may have not won but the experience I had with Mr. Ward was just  as important to me.

-Jack Bretl