All Quiet On The Western Front Final Metacognition
"All Quiet on the Western Front" Video

Metacognition 1- Video Project


day 1 of video project

May 7 2019 

Today I learned of the video project I will be taking part in for my English class. The video will be constructed around what we experienced while reading the book and a short summary of the book. I feel very confident going into this project becuase of how much I enjoyed reading the book. I feel that I have engrossed all the detail and information that will help me make a satisfying video. Today in class arched a example video of a past Fenn graduate. I also started to collect some background images, film, and audio for the video. I found a great abundance of online footage of the war that I’ll be able to use during the video. Tomorrow in class I plan on starting to write my script. I intend on putting a summary of the book in the very beginning to give context to the audience. But for the very first scene I would like to talk about something  that will hook the reader so when they listen to the summary the audience does not become bored.


Jack Bretl