The Monster In My Life

Adam Aranovitz Metacognition

Jack Bretl 

English 9

Mrs. Wade


Reflection on Presentation by Adam Aranovitz


     Today the senior class was fortunate enough to enjoy a presentation and activity done by a friend of Fenn teacher. His name is Adam Aronovitz. This man is in my eyes a world traveler and advocate. He told us of his time spent abroad and how he was affected by it.

One quote he had in his presentation has really resonated with me and it is “ Travel far enough and you will find who you are”. To me, that meant that the more you travel the more you will learn about yourself. For example, when I went to Steamboat Springs Colorado last Christmas I learned how much I love skiing. He also informed us of how he has interacted with the natives of the countries he has visited. He learned about how their lifestyle is so different than the one he is used to.

It seems like Mr. Aronovitz has visited almost every country in the world, to me, that is astounding. I believe that is something that he is very fortunate to have done. After his presentation he had us take part in a group activity. We split into four groups, 2 of the groups were a very wealthy country and 2 of the groups were a very poor company. Together we collaborated on how one of our countries can help others. This activity was honestly nothing new to me, I had already participated in similar activities before. What affected me most about the activity as to how it related to The Odyssey. In the activity, the groups that were a part of the wealthy country were tasked to be hospitable to the poor country. In The Odyssey hospitality is one of the Greek values, it is called Xenia. In this activity, the wealthy countries distributed some of their own resources to the poor countries. They did this because they had enough resources to give out without hurting their own country. In The Odyssey whenever guests arrive anywhere before they are asked of who they are they are bathed, clothed, and fed. These acts of Hospitality that were used by the Greeks are in my mind similar to the way the wealthier country supported the poorer country.

Overall I really enjoyed this activity. The presentation done by Mr. Arnovitz was really interesting, and the activity was also a great experience.