The Monster In My Life

A Time To Fight And A Time To Flee

Jack Bretl


English 9


Mrs. Wade



A Time To Fight And A Time To Flee

In the Odyssey, Odysseus is given two choices. Odysseus can either fight and end up dying or he can run away. This situation related to a time in my life about a year ago, during a hockey game. My team and I were playing a team from Dorchester, and if you know anything about people from Dorchester you know they are rough people. As you can imagine the game was very scrappy and unsportsmanlike, which lead to a fight. I was playing defense at the time and during the third period, I came out of nowhere and completely leveled a kid onto the ground, and then about two minutes later the same thing happened. The player that I hit got right up and started punching me in the face mask. I didn’t do a thing, I didn’t move at all, to be honest. After some thought, it was definitely the right decision to not punch him back, but I really wanted to. I really wanted to swing right at his cage and put him on the ground again, but I didn’t. This is similar to Odysseus’s situation because, yes he could attack and do some damage but end up dying or just walk away without doing anything. It’s not always easy to walk away, but sometimes it’s the wiser decision.