All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 7 Literary Analysis

Jack Bretl and Andrew

April 26


The horror of modern war separates the good from the bad.   In chapter eight of All Quiet On The Western Front there is a sense of poor treatment and horror. The Russian prisoners of war are forced to dig through the German trash just to find something to eat. The horrible treatment of the Russian prisoners is bringing out another side of Paul where he realizes the commonness of man.The quote below explains and expands our broad theme. It describes Paul’s experience seeing the Russians at their concentration camp.

“They rarely speak and then only a few words. They are more human and more brotherly towards one another, it seems to me, than we are. But perhaps that is merely because they feel themselves to be more unfortunate than us. Anyway the war is over so far as they are concerned. But to wait for dysentery is not much of a life either.”

 The horrors of war changed Paul’s outlook on the enemies of war. Paul’s experience seeing the struggle of the Russians made him think of them less of prisoners and more of victims. What the Russians went through was so in humane that even though Paul knew they were the enemy he struggled to not empathize. Paul’s actions in

The Power Of Friendship

Jack Bretl 

Saturday 4/20





The Power That Is

8F12EE23-7C06-4226-ABDB-5C18D6A20DBD“I’m no one with out friends”

-Jack Bretl


A human life without friends is a life wasted. Friends are literally what I live for and nothing else. Spending time with friends is the most fun thing I can think of doing. Having people in your life that you can trust make inappropriate jokes is the one thing that makes me happy. No matter size, religion, or color of skin you can be my friend. I just require a certain amount of trust. All this made me think WHAT IS THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. The power is simple. When you have a friend you’ve got a companion and a person that will always have your back and is as keen as you are for spending time together. My friends and I do all sorts of things together. We work, read, swim, run, bike, play video games, go to movies, go to town, go to the mall, travel, and most importantly we lift each other up. When I’m down and all I can see is the darkness around me it’s not my family that lifts me into the light it’s my friends. All my friends at school and I have such a close knit bond that we can lift each other’s spit is even when the shit hit’s the fan. It’s the true friends that always come back to you even when your in some trouble or just need someone to spend the day with. Living a life with out friends would be, in my book, the hardest thing to do. Let this paragraph be a reminder to hold onto the ones whom you have shared the best of times, the ones you make jokes and play with. Remember you are only friends with people who you know you can trust.


Jack Bretl


Chapter 7 Socratic Discussion Idea

Jack Bretl

Chapter 7 Read

Socratic Discussion Ideas


After reading this chapter there is only one thing I wish to discuss in our discussion tomorrow. I would like to discuss how hard it is for Men to go back and forth from being on a battle front and home. In this chapter one of the main characters, Paul,  is sent home on a seventeen day leave. This happens during a time when he is not to excited to leave. Him and his soldiers are getting a long well and he even has found himself a woman. He is also told that when he returns he will be going to training camp and will not return to the front. This is disappointing news to Paul because he knows that he may never see his fellow soldiers again. When he gets home his family is ecstatic to see him but unfortunately his mother is ill and bedridden. Time goes by and he receives an abundance of food and satisfactory rest. He visits the mother of one of his fallen soldiers and explains his death. He is then sent off and that is where the chapter ends. Due to the chapters sense of detail on Paul’s return I think it is worth it to discuss how this would be like for many other soldiers.

Chapter 6 Literary Reflection

Jack Bretl

Chapter Six Literary Analysis 

Sunday April 14

Fitzsimmons English


All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 6 Literary Reflection Paragraph

A3995EBA-BDDF-49F8-BDE1-208A48B2F4FBThe art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on. -Ulysses S. Grant

Horror is the child of fear. While reading chapter six of All Quiet On The Western Front, I became petrified with the horror that is the battle on the Western Front. Reading chapter six made me feel so petrified and scared I thought I was going to throw up. I don’t think I ever realized the horror that is war. I could have never imagined how gory the battle was without reading this chapter. This chapter to me was just another chapter until about 20 words in. You could tell the mood was set and the smell of fear was in the air. A battle was upon the soldiers and they knew it. I as the reader experienced nothing but fear. For some reason I felt fear for the soldiers. The author hooked my emotions in a way that made me feel like it could be me out there in one day and I should experience it. What stroke me as the most horrible was that men would be firing their gun and their fellow soldier whom they may have know for years just died. There is no time for emotion. If your fellow soldier gets hit you scream for a medic but you can’t break down you must keep firing like your life is depending on it because it is. Reading this chapter gave me some perspective on what War is like from a soldiers review. The quote that moved me the most was this.


 “It is just as much a matter of chance that I am still alive as that I might have been hit. In a bombproof dug-out I may be smashed to atoms and in the open may survive ten hours' bombardment unscathed. No soldier outlives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in Chance and trusts his luck”. 


That line exemplified exactly how I felt while reading this chapter. Reading this quote made me feel a kinship with Paul who said it. I felt like I was right there with him preparing myself for what would be the worst battle of my life. Before I read this chapter I had no fear, but surely did that change. This chapter gave me a sense of knowledge for the future. I now feel much  more comfortable reading the rest of the book.


Jack Bretl



All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 4 Theme Of Instinct

Jack Brerl, Evan Lanzendorf, Conner Soukup

April 3

Fitz English

Chapter Four Literary Analysis


C5BED76A-CA86-4747-B45E-62A65C90970C“Trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Instinct In All Quiet On The Western Front


    Instincts have been what has kept the human race alive from the dawn of time. If not for instincts in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, almost everyone would be dead. In chapter four, during the assault from the British and French, the main characters use their instincts to save their lives, and the lives of others through the first couple chapters times.


   For instance, when the bombs start dropping on them while they travel back to the lorries, their instincts tell them that the graveyard is their only cover, even though from a different perspective you might think the graveyard would be too dangerous. They also use their instincts while the bombing is happening, like when the main character rolls into a fresh crater from a shell, or when he climbs out of the hole when the gas comes around. These decisions made when under a lot of stress and pressure; their instincts keep them alive.


    I feel that the authors use of instinct reflects quite a few things in this book. It shows how in war every second is a battle and if not for our very own instinct many more people in war would end up dead or worse. The other thing the authors use of instincts reflects how war turns men into their most primal state.


   In its most basic state, this book provides an interesting a thought, provoking and stimulating chance to think about the instincts of man and if they ever change.





Metacognition: I wrote this with Evan and Conner. I have never worked with these two Men but I sure did enjoy it. They not only had good ideas but were cooperative and hard working. Writing this was good way to learn a little bit more about the book. I enjoy writing about certain themes, it gives me a sense of knowledge of the book. This was a very fun little perfect and I look forward to more.

All Quiet On The Western Front Socratic Metacognition.

Jack Bretl

Monday April 1st

Metacognition Review Material


Today in English class I read chapter 3 of All Quiet On The Western Front while reading I annotated and made note of vocabulary words. Tomorrow in class we will be having a Socratic seminar based around chapter 3. This is a Metacognition on what I would like to be boroughs up tomorrow. In chapter 3 I learned a lot about a character named Kat. Now Kat isn’t special in any way but he has been around the war for a very long time so he knows his way around. He also teaches the young soldiers how to be and how to find certain things they could need. Tomorrow I’d like to learn talk about or ponder the though of how Kat a grasp on all of this knowledge. I think this would be mice to learn becuase we would then have some background information on some of the older soldiers. I also learned how some of the more important platoon members taught the younger ones. Joining up is only the first step and I would like to think about what the younger soldiers did to prepare themselves for war. This Socratic will be a great example of a time to famine some more background information and detail on some characters in the story so when can better comprehend the story.

Iambic Trimeter Poetry

Jack Bretl

Iambic Poetry

Saturday March 2


Chute 1


 We looked we saw we starred  (a)

  My dad and I were scared(a)

  Chute 1 was not so safe(b)

  I found my line to take(C)


I strapped in to my ski (d)

I picked my line to flee  (d)

And through the snow I went (e)

That sound that feeling was there (f)


My ski carved left  and right  (g)

 for my turns were very tight (g)

I hit a bunch of moguls  (h)

It’s over and all is well (I )


The rest was flat with pow (j)

I have done it but how (j)

I did it with strong focus  (k)

And with a tad of hocus pocus (k)




Ok, these are way harder than dimeter poems. I think it is because in most sentences you don’t use and odd number of beats. Anyways this took me an hour and. Half and I still think I could spend another 2 hours improving it. I’m excited to write more poems like this and I think this type of writing will help me in the future.



Jack Iambic Dimter

Jack Bretl poems


Ml I lay (a)

 Up on the hill(b)

Where Im today (a)

With tumps to fill(b)


 There I see   c)

An old big pump (d)

This is my key  (c)

Which shall fill my tump(d)





This poem is a true story. It tells the story of my 2 friends and I looking for the water fountain at a camp site this summer. We ended up finding the water next to a great big fern. The water pump was old and slow but the water as cold and fresh coming straight from a river. This poem portrays what happened that day in great detail and I hope you liked it.







into thin air (a)

I fly so high (b)

With little care(a)

I fly so high(b)


The white mountains(c)

I see below(d)

 the white fountains(c)

Drop of  white snow(d)




This is also a true story. This is the story of when I flew out to the Rockies in Colorado. The mountains were so Beautiful covered with the snow that I felt like a fountain sprayed onto them. This was a very fun story to tell and I hope you liked the poem.

The Power Of Music


Jack Bretl

February 21 2019


The Power of Music

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” 


Music. Music in literal terms means this; vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music to me is a way to express yourself in a way other than words or images. I listen to Music to rise me up or to set me down. different songs, notes, and keys can change how your day goes. there are many songs that I like too listen to in the morning to start off my day strong. most of these are  up key songs that  are made to make people feel better. then there are the songs that I listen to when I'm down. when I'm looking up from the bottom and can't see anything but thick clouds and when I have hit rock and I mean rock bottom. wether it's a bad grade, or something more personal like the rejection from a girl. these songs are the most important ones. these are the ones you remember and the ones that make you cry. Music is so powerful and it takes time to recognize its power because it uses its power when you least expect it. One SONG can change your entire day. it can also change how you play in a sports game. Music is my tom to my jerry, with out music in my life, well my life would be different. So as I sit here listening to Billy Jo  ( lead singer for Green Day) beat the crap out of a guitar I remind you that whenever you need any type of boost music is there for you.

By: Jack Parker Bretl