Seasonal Haikus
The Power of Place #2

A Moment of Reflection

A Walk in the Woods4255ED3B-4CB7-4DC2-A42F-F600601E5591

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein


This weekend I set aside some time to walk alone in the woods behind my house, for the sole purpose of reflection. Being in nature is relaxing to me. I can just sit down and listen to the birds. Being in a calming environment helps me think. I love watching for animals, especially gophers, that walk by. It’s always entertaining to see squirrels chasing each other, jumping from tree to tree. I sat and reflected on my life. I thought about the wrongs and right of this year. What I should strive to fix or improve in the future. I was by myself, just me and nature, thinking about me. It was nice to get away from my busy life. I have been going and going for months on end. It was amazing to be able to truly relax, by myself, yet surrounded by nature.