Three Poems
A Moment of Reflection

Seasonal Haikus



It’s peaceful outside

The birds are chirping

I wonder what they’re saying.


A blazing hot sun

Followed by a cold gust of wind

New England weather amazes me.


The animals have returned

The flowers are beginning to bloom

The world is pretty again.


The tarmac is pulled back

The grass is being watered

Baseball is back.





We’ve been released

I am finally free

It’s time to relax.


The sun is beating down

Vigorously burning our skin

It’s way too hot outside.


Hiking up mountains

And walking through the woods

Stowe is the perfect place.


The beach is sandy

The water is a pure blue

It’s a perfect day for a swim.






The leaves are changing color

I see reds, oranges and yellows

Creating a picturesque scene. 


The helmets are clashing

Players charging at full speed

Football has returned.


Thanksgiving is nearing

Enticing us with its savory food

Bringing the whole family together.


The best weather the world has to offer

The warm sun is accompanied by a crisp breeze

Fall is the finest season of the year.






The warm sun is gone

The temperature has dropped,

But the cold doesn’t bother me.


Snow is falling

One snowflake at a time

Turning the world white.


With winter comes a new year

A time to resolve your problems

A fresh start.


Gliding over the snow

Navigating through the trees

Skiing sets you free.