Dulce et Decorum Est Literary Reflection
Seasonal Haikus

Three Poems

Who is this kid in the mirror


Dressed in Under Armor 

From head to toe,

Who wears shorts all year round

Because he isn’t bothered

By the crazy New England weather,

Who is this kid in the mirror

That wakes up early,

Every morning, 

To go to school,

Just like everybody else.


This poem wasn’t terribly hard to write, but I made it harder on myself by trying to find the perfect words. By the end I realized that if I strive for perfection in each and every poem I write, I will never be able to feel good about my writing. I decided to stick with my gut and just write, not worrying about having a perfect sentence.  



Who is this kid in the mirror


With eyes full of hope

Who’s filled with dreams of a bright future

But little does he know

It’s a brutal world out there.



When Fitz assigned the Who is this kid in the mirror poem, I was stuck. I didn’t know how to write it. While I was trying to find a place to start, this poem came to me. I wrote it quickly, and without thought because it came to me all at once. This is the first poem that has ever just come to me and not required effort to write. 





Video Games


Sitting inside

Lying on the couch

Wasting my time

Playing the games 

That I love to play,

But it is only momentary happiness,

I know, I know

I should do something real,

But I don’t know

What to do

So I keep playing

The games

Wasting valuable time,

Time I will never get back.


This poem was hard to write. I have a hard time deciding what to write about when the topic is left up to me. It is easier for me to write if I have more structure or a place to begin. I came up with this because I had wanted to write about my break. I think I did a good job on it considering how hard it was for me to write.