Through the Tunnel Literary Analysis
End of Year Metacognition

Final Exam Narrative Paragraph

The Weirdest Interaction of My Life

BE66CC60-331F-43D1-9D20-3027C8C8D99CIf no one hears you, and no one listens to you, it doesn't matter how good you are because no one cares about you.” — Stephan A. Smith

    Everyone is on their own in life. I’ve learned that no one actually cares about me. A teacher that I thought knew me and cared about me didn’t even know my name. It was an average fall day, at the end of recess. I had been playing basketball and I was leaving the gym. Then I had one of the weirdest interactions of my life. I was one of the last people to leave the gym. There were basketballs littering the floor and nobody was attempting to pick them up. As walked through the double doors, I heard Mr. Rude call out: “Charlie! Charlie, come pick up the balls.” I continued to walk to class because I had no reason to stop. Mr. Rude kept calling for Charlie to help and when no one responded, he went up to me, grabbed my shoulder, and said, “Charlie, come grab some basketballs.” I was in shock, flustered. I didn’t know how to respond. A teacher that had just coached me in JV baseball didn’t even know my name. It stung. It hurt. I thought that after coaching me for over two months that he would know who I am. I learned a valuable lesson that day. As Fitz says, “No one cares about you.” I’d always just brushed that off as untrue, but I realize now the truth behind it. I, just like everyone else, am alone in life. There are people who care enough to help me, but in truth, life is every man for himself. Despite everything you hear otherwise, people only truly care about themselves. It’s a sobering thought, but an enlightening one. Put yourself first, because if you don’t, no one will.