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It is crazy to think over a billion people watched the World Cup final in 2018. Just imagine 1/3 of the world looking at you; soccer is a sport that is played on every single continent of the world. To think of being the best at a sport that millions of people play every day around the world, a sport where no matter who somebody is, or where they are from, they can find joy and love for the beautiful game of soccer. And all you need to play it is a single ball, maybe not a ball, Pelé, one of the greatest players ever would play with fruit or rolled up garbage. You don’t need to be rich to be good at the game all you need if a gift and a little bit a practice.


Timmy Smith

I new the World Cup was popular, but I had no clue that almost a third of the world watched the last one in 2018. I appreciated how you added that statistic to make your post stronger. It is clear that soccer isn’t losing its title of most popular sport in the world anytime soon.

David P

It’s pretty crazy that over a billion people were all watching the same game at the same time. It’s hard to imagine so many fans. I like that you talked so much about enjoying the sport.

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