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4162F247-8201-47F7-8A13-25353E0A82DEIn the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends- Martin Luther King Jr.


   While one’s time on this earth is limited, their impact could be forever. This is no greater amplified by when MLK spoke to the nation at the capital in 1963. To this day people still use his speech of a reminder of how important it is to use words to better the world. Even 100 years from now people will know who MLK was because sometimes even when someone is gone their words will never be forgotten 

   In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr marched along the capital with thousands of others to protest racial injustice in this country. On that day he gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech, which proclaims that unity and treating every human being with dignity will always triumph over hate.


    I have heard this speech many times, and time after time I get goosebumps because this speech is so powerful and with a message so strong it reminds me of the true power words can have. While this speech inspired me and many others, it also comes with a bit of bitterness because the same thing MLK wanted 50 years ago is still being fought over in this present day. Only a few times in my life have I been really touched by someone’s words, this being one of them. The world will forever be inspired by MLK’s words and while he unfortunately was killed a couple of years later, his message will always be in the minds of many.

   In the end, the great figures of history have come and gone and while they may not be here physically there words will always  live on in our memory. 



The Fenn Voice

Excellent in every way. A perfect example of a topical essay done well with a good mix of video and prose!

Timmy Smith

Strong and wise reflection on a very powerful speech. Your are totally right, words last forever, especially the words of someone as influencial as MLK.


Awesome reflection Alex! Your message is great. Words do live forever. Also, the flow of the reflection is very nice. Overall, great job!

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