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Poem: The Soldier


Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die”

~Herbert Hoover

The army’s marching in a line

The glistening of the bayonets shiny and fine

My squad sitting under an oak tree, peelling a clementine rind

I think about humankind

How we can kill in a place so divine


I can see the smoke rising from the sky

Thinking about how I will probably die

After so many bullets fly

How many men never got to chance to say goodbye 

And when everything settles and the blood dries

We will still be sitting there thinking “why”


I think “why am I fighting people I don’t hate”

But generals far away have already chosen my fate

And when I try to run it will be too late

But we are just pawns no more than bait

But it will never end because it’s a human trait

That we feel the need to desecrate 

People who we want to dictate 


As I shoot to kill the gun projects a popping sound

That’s when I see a man hit the ground

I saw the pain it his face it was resound

But I figured out something so profound 

That he was human too, and it's so renowned

But this is something I only found, 

Only after I shot a round that lay him to the ground


 I thought about how his family would have cried 

And that’s when I lost my pride

Not a minute later a bullet hit me in my side

And I was thinking about that man when I died

My final year at Fenn is going too fast


    “The best thing about memories is making them.”


    I have reached my final year at this great school where I have spent the last four to five years. I have cherished my time here and I will never forget the experiences I had. But in this final year we are already at March break, when it seems like it was yesterday that I was playing volleyball and the leaves were falling from the trees. I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of the line already; I still remember taking my tour here on a rainy day so many years ago. My time here has brought me so much joy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So, this is a bit of a solemn moment because this chapter of my life is coming to a close.

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Ideas Will Live Forever

Words can never die

4162F247-8201-47F7-8A13-25353E0A82DEIn the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends- Martin Luther King Jr.


   While one’s time on this earth is limited, their impact could be forever. This is no greater amplified by when MLK spoke to the nation at the capital in 1963. To this day people still use his speech of a reminder of how important it is to use words to better the world. Even 100 years from now people will know who MLK was because sometimes even when someone is gone their words will never be forgotten 

   In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr marched along the capital with thousands of others to protest racial injustice in this country. On that day he gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech, which proclaims that unity and treating every human being with dignity will always triumph over hate.


    I have heard this speech many times, and time after time I get goosebumps because this speech is so powerful and with a message so strong it reminds me of the true power words can have. While this speech inspired me and many others, it also comes with a bit of bitterness because the same thing MLK wanted 50 years ago is still being fought over in this present day. Only a few times in my life have I been really touched by someone’s words, this being one of them. The world will forever be inspired by MLK’s words and while he unfortunately was killed a couple of years later, his message will always be in the minds of many.

   In the end, the great figures of history have come and gone and while they may not be here physically there words will always  live on in our memory. 


The Boston Red Sox have a problem

The Boston Red Sox have a problem. Ever since we won the World Series in 2018 we have gone down hill in quality of play. This only got worse when we traded away our best player Mookie Betts and then proceeded to scrap almost the entire team. The Red Sox adopted the managing style of the Tampa Bay Rays. A style in which they buy no name players on a gamble for little money and usually sign them for short contracts until the sell them and start the cycle over again. While this did work for the Rays this past year when they got to the World Series, only to lose to the Dodgers. But the problem is that the Rays are not a very rich team they have a low payroll and not that much cap space; unlike the Red Sox who are one of the richest teams in baseball who could buy plenty of big name players and keep them on those contracts. Yet we somehow are using this model that is used by a team that is nothing like us. We are making a huge mistake, if we had just got rid of our bad pitching and kept the great squad we had in 2018 we would be fine right now. If we got rid a David Price we would have enough money to get another good pitcher the strengthen our pitching roster making us a very well rounded team. Now we are stuck in a situation where our team is full of young players who’s potential is unknown, which could both be good and bad; but this also means that we are going to be at the bottom of the AL east for who knows how long. So really this problem at this point can’t be fully fixed but if we went back to a big payroll model like before, we could maybe turn is team around just a little bit.

First Blog

It is crazy to think over a billion people watched the World Cup final in 2018. Just imagine 1/3 of the world looking at you; soccer is a sport that is played on every single continent of the world. To think of being the best at a sport that millions of people play every day around the world, a sport where no matter who somebody is, or where they are from, they can find joy and love for the beautiful game of soccer. And all you need to play it is a single ball, maybe not a ball, Pelé, one of the greatest players ever would play with fruit or rolled up garbage. You don’t need to be rich to be good at the game all you need if a gift and a little bit a practice.