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Alex Chayrigues haiku portfolio

Alex Chayrigues

Haiku Portfolio





Leaves leave a barren oak

Bears prepare for slumber

The world turns 


~ Alex Chayrigues


I thought about how the world changes when summer turns into Autumn how the world is just changing in so many ways and how bears get ready to hibernate in the winter but it also took me back to this fall and how it seems so long ago that the leaves were falling and that winter was coming on. I enjoyed writing this piece because when you take a step back and just look at nature you really see the beauty in the world. I think that writing about nature is really fun because there are so many differences between each season so there is never something that’s not unique about each one, especially fall.



Maples sway

Leafs blowing all over

Squirrel looks for his nest


~ Alex Chayrigues

While writing this haiku it made me take a whole different perspective on the fall season itself because now that we are doing image and image, all you have to do is just think of the sights of fall and then an action that normally happens during that time of year. While I take somewhat of a similar approach as my first fall poem with the element of leaves and trees I focus more on animals this time round and really think about how animals prepare for a harsh winter. But with the image and action you know that you have done a good job when you can actually see the words that have been described to you.



Red leafs blow

Color of blood

Birch skeletons of the summer


~ Alex Chayrigues

Fall is so distinct so the leaves falling were such a small thing when you zoom in on it but if you take a look back you then look at how the trees are so barren.



On a white field

A hungry fox

chooses the wrong path


~ Alex Chayrigues 

The winter was probably the toughest season to write about because the winter has some distinct sights and sounds but it's normal characteristics are not very colorful and frankly it doesn't give a lot of good things to write about. While that may be true the way animals must fight to survive is almost poetic in itself, and while the land is barren and cold sometimes when whiteout in contrast which the trees can be more beautiful than many things I have seen. While this haiku is probably more metaphorical than any other of the haiku’s that I have written but it might say more than any other of the haiku’s that I have written.



On frozen ground 

Under the bare maple

A dead robin


~ Alex Chayrigues

This is a much deeper look at the season of winter than I did in my last haiku because in this one I go into detail about the harsh nature of winter and the more memorable traits of the season. Which is exactly  why I talk about barren trees because that would easily be one of the most distinct things about winter, or hard icy ground after a couple of snowfalls and that feeling that there’s no way any animal could survive in this awful landscape. I think that this haiku about winter is a fat better take on the season that the prior haiku I wrote about this season.


JPEG image

One of a kind

Snowflake makes slow descent

A field covered in white spots


~ Alex Chayrigues 

Snowflakes always have intricate designs and no one snowflake is alike so that was an obvious pick for something to zoom in on but also how in such big numbers they can amount to so much.



As day begins

The robin wakes from slumber

The sun rising again


~ Alex Chayrigues

Spring has to be my second favorite season and it also has so many distinct features that just make it such a good time of year. While writing this all I had to think about were the great sounds and sights that spring offers. In my first line it’s not only an actual day beginning but almost metaphorically the darkness of winter has ended and the sunshine of summer has just emerged in spring time. I also felt like talking about the fact the birds have come back out is such a distinct feature of that time of year. This was fairly easy to come up with because writing about spring is so easy mostly because right now it’s spring time so all you need to do was go outside and just see how nature looked and sounded.



Roses bloom 

Sun shines bright

Bess swarm the air


~ Alex Chayrigues 

I believe that I really encapsulate that hopeful feeling and overall vibe that springtime brings to this world and I think that the image, image and action style of haiku is one of the best ways to capture that great feeling that comes around in the springtime of the year. This was by far the easiest image, image and action style haiku to do because we are in the spring season right now so instead of having to think back to many months ago you can visualize what's right in front of you into writing for the haiku. I find this style much easier to write than the first style that we had to write in because you can really write about anything that your memory can come up with



Meadow blossoming 

A tulip opens pedals of yellow

Up to the sun


~ Alex Chayrigues 

Spring has so many little things going on at the same time but it also all comes together because as we know nature feeds off of itself and without all different little parts of nature it wouldn’t survive.



Heat beats down the earth

The bee sucks on the lilacs

Bringing more life to this world


~ Alex Chayrigues

Summertime is most certainly the favorite season and it also has distinct sights and sounds that no other season can produce. Just thinking about summer while deciding what to write about brought back so many memories. It didn’t take much thinking to try and remember the best things about the seasons which made it pretty easy to write this piece because the heat of summer is unforgettable and the bugs that come out during the season also can only be thought of as summertime beings. While this haiku was my longest I don’t think it’s the worst haiku I have written.



Everlasting sun

Everything alive

Robins sing a hymn


~ Alex Chayrigues

Summer is by far my favorite season so when I had to visualize the beautiful images of the season it took me almost no time to come up with great images for the image, image and action haiku. It was hard to decide to pick what distinct image I wanted to use because there were so many that I could have used because there are so many beautiful images that come to mind when I think about summer. To choose an action I thought about how animals are always out and active during that time of year and one of the most beautiful things about a summer morning is hearing birds chirping. So with this haiku I really wanted to envision a great summer morning which is something that can’t be topped by anything in the world.



Forest of life

Bee’s buzzing

Sucking sweet nectar


~ Alex Chayrigues

              Summer is full of life and everything is alive so there are so many things to talk about on a small scale so once you have figured out what to zoom in on it's very easy to zoom out on all of it.


Timmy Smith

Impressive haiku portfolio Alex. Your pieces were elegant, and fun to read. Each reflection made the haiku more interesting. The photos were also a wonderful touch. My favorite haiku was the piece about the robin awakening. I loved your brevity, and the image you created. Thanks for posting this!

Braeden Moitoso

These are some great haikus. I can tell you put time into each of them and thought carefully about what you were writing.
Good job

Jerry Li

Great Haikus! All of your Haikus were very descriptive and thoughtful. I especially liked your summer ones.

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