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Block Island Memoirs

By Alex Chayrigues

Memories of Block Island


Shaping my life in the little ways


We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.


     The wind blows the tall grass near block island light. The deep blue Atlantic crashing against the grainy, soft sand. The seagulls squawk in that cool morning air. As I go down to Payne's dock to get their delicious cinnamon doughnuts, I feel relaxed and good. I can hear the driftwood floor as it creeks with each footstep. As I bite into the doughnut I remember that hot and sweet taste. Accompanied with the fluffy dough that is so fresh and feels like a cloud on my tongue. I remember going to the beach in that nice cool water. Boogie boarding on those waves that are constantly crashing on the shore. I remember lying in that warm sand with the cool breeze on my face. I remember going to the Or, one of my favorite restaurants, playing bean bag toss while having fun with my cousins. Having food, with the setting sun in the background making for a majestic scene.



    Block Island has always been a part of my childhood. I go every year. The memories on the beach with my cousins and family. I can remember each summer, getting on that ferry and seeing Mohican bluffs appar over the horizon. I remember learning to boogie board there. Playing my first game of trivial pursuit there. Having my first Coca-cola there. Having my first crab there. These things have all happened over many years but I can remember all of those moments like it was yesterday. I have had some of my favorite times with my cousins there. I remember going to the Mohican bluffs and staring off those majestic cliffs as they tower over the mighty Atlantic. It reminds me of a simpler time in life; when there were no worries in life and everything seemed good. If it wasn’t a part of my life I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


   I remember that beach, having so many fond memories there. I remember the first time I went boogie boarding, gliding on that water while I could hear my family cheering my on. I did eventually wipe out and go head over heels but for a couple of seconds I was gliding on the water. I remember playing catch with my dad and reaching out far and tucking the ball in before falling into the salty water. I can remember playing football in the and with my uncle and cousin. I remember July 4th looking up at the starry summer sky and seeing fireworks from other people. How they would light up the sky like a shooting star. Those early morning trips to Payne's dock doughnuts to get the first batch of warm fluffy cinnamon doughnuts. I remember that mouthwatering taste that they always had and never failed to be delicious. I remember going on a fishing charter and the rumble of the engine being efficient in moving us out towards sea almost gliding on the surface. I remember catching skup and reeling as hard as I could to bring the fighting fish in. I remember cooking that fish later and how good it felt to eat something that you caught yourself knowing that because of you we are eating this sizzling fish.


    This is a place that I will continue to cherish for years to come. I know that I will have more memories on that beach and have more memories getting those doughnuts. But, as an aging family gets older I think back to those early trips there and think, “did I cherish you and much as I should?” I think about how I cant have those same memories as I did because with my cousins in college and a very different family than it was five years ago things just can be the same. Every time I think about Block Island it makes me feel happy because most of my memories from there have been good. I always remember the end of those great trips the Block Island ferry honking in horn and the summer daylight slowly fades away. Slowly pulling away from the harbor and the last thing you see of it is the north east lighthouse standing tall and proud. This is a tradition for me, and I think that it has made some of not only my best summer memories ever but overall memories ever and couldn’t be replaced by anything else in the world.


    I think it’s good to have a place like Block Island in everybody’s life because it builds lasting memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Block Island is so special to me, I will be going there for the rest of my life!



JJ Oldershaw

Wow! The first few sentences are crisp and gentle, and the writing that follows is filled with memories and thoughtful reflections. Every summer, my family goes up to Martha’s Vineyard, a similar island. Awesome job!

Timmy Smith

Amazing Alex! I was blown away by your opening lines, and found myself riveted to your words from the start. Each paragraph contained a wealth of memories that I, as the reader, was thrust into. Your vivid descriptions made your images easy to imagine. Thanks for sharing this!

David P

Alex, every word of this felt truly authentic! I almost felt like I was there, with the warm sand and the cool breeze. This is a stunningly descriptive piece.

Lyle Waldeck

Wow Alex! This was a great and descriptive reflection on your memories at Block Island. I loved how you described everything, it made me feel like I was there with you. Great job!


Great post Alex! The first couple of lines made me want to continue reading. This was a very descriptive and awesome reflection. I felt like I was there with you. Great job!


Nice... I had a place like this growing up, except in the woods of New Hampshire. Even in my "old age" the memories stay fresh. Thanks for reminding me.

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