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April 2021

The Red Sox are on Fire


    The Red Sox are 1st in the AL East with a 19-9 record and are playing better baseball than they have in two years. With J.D. Martinez and Rapheal Devers returning to their former selves and Alex Verdugo and Bobby Dalbec adding two new heavy hitters to the squad, the team looks better than ever. After a trade with the Dodgers we also acquired Enrique Hernandez who while starting off cold has turned into a promising addition to the team. While the losing of David Price and Chris Sale has put a dent in our pitching lineup, we have made up for it by scoring 122 runs this season and only letting up 90. While most sports castors had us finishing below .500 this year our hot start has surely proved them wrong. However this season is very long and things can change in an instant and nothing is written. I hope we can continue this success throughout the season and maybe even make a playoff appearance.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Patience makes everything better 


Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  Like fine wine, it gets better with timeAfter a slow start, All Quiet on the Western Front blossoms into a great novel that makes the reader break through a hard outside shell before getting to a soft inside of fine and compelling literature. Reading All Quiet on the Western Front has elevated me as a reader in so many ways. It not only has taught me to be a more vigilant annotator, but it has also made me more trained in finding the small details that add to a book. I found this book to be a gripping story about war and the men who fought it. 

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The Power of Diversity


~Alex Chayrigues 

And its effect in my life


We must not only learn to tolerate our differences. We must welcome them as the richness and diversity which can lead to true intelligence

~Albert Einstein 

 At first glance, I am all that is not diverse in this world. I am white, straight male who, having lived in both Newton and then especially in Concord, has had little contact with people of another race while also going to a private all-boys school. I essentially live in a shell of a world in which the differences between me and the  people I interact with on a daily basis is little to none. While my life seems to have no diversity, I try to keep an open mind so as not to be overcome by the ignorance that plagues many with a lack of diversity. 

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