JP Ward

I agree THIS YEAR WAS LIKE NO OTHER. Good video!


Great video Alex! The year was quite like no other. Good work!

Spencer Harnden

Nice job churros! You had very meaningful words, and I liked how you talked about ending your Fenn journey.

Tal Richmond

Great video Alex! I liked how you put the disk onto the audio player before the music started.

Gabe Fonte

Great video Alex, I like the tone of your voice, it really got your point across, great job.

Timmy Smith

Nice video Alex! It was very creative of you to start by playing the record of the song you used in the background. You did a nice job reflecting on your Fenn experience, and much different year.


Great video Alex, I love the clip of you putting the record on the record player at the beginning, it adds a whole new affect.
Great job


Great video Alex! Your words were meaningful and very powerful. I thought it was clever to start with the video of you playing the record. Great job!


THIS YEAR WAS REALLY LIKE NO OTHER. You did a great job of showing that in this video. I liked how when you put the record on the record player the music on your video started. Great job!

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