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Thanksgiving Poem

The Meaning

AliJah Clark


As the years come and go

With family sitting around the dinner table

Only with the fourteen years I’ve been alive

It is clear to see that one Thanksgiving

Will never be the same as the last.

Friendships will be long outgrown,

Family bonds will fall off

Just as leaves fall off trees

And with a twenty pound turkey in front of you

You’re left sitting there wondering…

What is Thanksgiving really all about?

Is it about the food

the occasional presents from distant relatives

even the smooches from Grandma she bombards you with every time you see her

Or maybe it’s about all of it

From the food to the smooches

Maybe it doesn’t even matter if you eat turkey or not

As long as family and loved ones are right there by your side

Reflecting on all of the accomplishments and downfalls you’ve had all year

Remembering the loved ones you’ve lost

And the loved ones that have grown closer by the passing minute

What if it all mattered so much that we just take it all for granted

We don’t realize the privileges that we are blessed with every minute of the day

From where you go to school

To where you lay your head at night

It’s all just our normal…


Thanksgiving is the time to be with loved ones

It’s the time to reflect

It’s the time to reflect

It’s the time to reflect

on all of the memories and blessings we’ve experienced throughout our lives


Is what Thanksgiving is all about.