Walden Writing Prompt #1
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Haiku Portfolio

The Thoughts of a Cycle











Bubbles flying up

Endless blasting music

The humid air of a backyard barbecue


Waves rushing in

Sand seeping in my swim trunks 

Too much showering in July


Never knowing when

The hard work will be ruined

Of my castle of sand


Graduation day

Off to a new start

One things stands in your way



Metacognition: Summer was a fairly easy season to write haikus on. There’s so much that goes on in summer and there are endless thoughts and feelings about it which made writing poems about it enjoyable.










Leaves changing colors

Layers added on

School buses added on to traffic


Red, brown, orange, yellow

Falling, withering, blowing

All rakes 20% off


New beginnings

Meeting up with old friends

Who’s your advisor?


Leaves dying everywhere

Oh you poor squirrels

Better get to diggin’



Metacognition: This was definitely the hardest season to write about. Throughout my times writing the haikus, I kept putting this season off because of the troubles I had coming up with things to say. But once I got in the grove of the season, it was easy sail.










Floating crystals

Shoveling for mom

Cars slipping on ice


The inevitable 

Countdown of couples

Till the ball drops


Waiting at home

Bored out of mind

I still don’t want to go back to school


Cocoa in one hand

My phone in the other

Oh how times have changed



Metacognition: Winter is one of my favorite seasons so writing about it wasn’t too difficult. I tried to reminisce back to memories of the labor behind winter time. But it was also interesting to looks at it from a different standpoint.




The blossoms of daffodils 

The sightings of birds

Only my pencil stays the same


What is that smell

We should have never

Tried to clean the house


Frolicking in flowers

Rolling down hills

Only my allergies stand in my way


Raining one month

Honey bees in another

Oh how you confuse me



Metacognition: Spring is pretty much the ending and beginning of everything. It’s a time for everybody to relax but also start trying to become a better person in their daily lives. It’s also a difficult season to understand weather wise so I enjoyed the challenge of taking on a spring poem about weather.