Walden Writing Prompt #3
Nature Reflection

Walden Writing Prompt #3

Keeping It Blunt

The Wonders of Thoreau


    Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify.

~ Henry David Thoreau

    Honesty isn’t always the best policy. In the chapter “Economy”, in the book Walden, Henry David Thoreau writes about many aspects of life that aren’t uncalled agreed on in the modern world. This piece showed me that the privileges that I have in my life should not be taken for granted. Henry David Thoreau is trying to dive into the deeper necessities of life and show the reader that whatever fancy life they live isn’t reasonable. Many of these aspects are personal ones that encourage the reader to think about their own life. I actually agree with Thoreau and see where’s he’s coming from. “I cannot believe that our factory system is the best mode by which men may get clothing.” This is a direct reference to the fact that we rely so much on companies and manufacturers just to get our everyday items. Our species is not in touch with nature which will eventually hurt us in the long run. 

    Thoreau warns us by writing You don’t need fancy clothes to define you and what you wear is not indicative of who you are.“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” He wants us to realize that we don’t need all of these fancy clothes that companies are trying to advertise to us. It’s ironic that Thoreau lived in such a less media driven time and he was still so knowledgeable about these things. Everything he wore and everything he did was the simplest way of life he could have possibly lived. Thoreau also explores the instinctive parts of childhood without all of our fancy gadgets and such that we enjoy now. 

“Every child begins the world again, to some extent, and loves to stay outdoors, even in wet and cold. It plays house, as well as horse, having an instinct for it. Who does not remember the interest with which, when young, he looked at shelving rocks, or any approach to a cave? It was the natural yearning of that portion, any portion of our most primitive ancestor which still survived in us.”

    He wants to us to realize that no matter how much times change, the simple needs and wants of our species remains the same. Walden pond was his daily simple task that he enjoyed before going to back to his secluded home away from everybody and everything else.

    Reading this writing piece was something that was really relatable. I agreed with almost everything Thoreau was saying which made me feel smart. Overall, the piece itself was boring at times, but captivated me every once in a while. Thoreau’s writing challenged me to think outside of comfort zone and look at my life through a new lens. I felt differently about what I think is a necessity and could not live without. 

    Thoreau makes it clear that we are a long way from recognizing when we are being tricked by our authorities daily. Sometimes we don’t know what we have in life until it’s gone.