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Community Improvement

What Needs to Be done


“No matter how much experience you have, there’s always something new you can learn and room for improvement.”

~ Roy T. Bennett


    In life there is always improvements that can be done to different things in order to make them better. I am currently a ninth grader at The Fenn School in Concord MA and there are improvement that can be done by the students and faculty to make the school and the community better. The Fenn school is a wonderful place that has lost it’s freedom, and countability.  


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A Morning on the Water 


“This world is but a canvas for our imagination” 

~ Henry David Thoreau 


    Nature is beautiful. The true beauty of nature is rarely observable because of the scattered roads, buildings, houses, and people that have manipulated it to become what it is today. It is filled with natural life, and real sounds, but you never realize it until you take a true look into its eyes. It was still dark as my Dad and I got ready to launch the kayak. The clear blue water of Nequassett lake in Southern Maine. Crickets were still sounding as I made my way out to the main part of the Lake. My kayak, surrounded in fishing rods, cut through glassy water like a knife through butter. The sun started to peak up from the trees as I got to my destination. “This is real nature,” I thought, as my first cast broke the surface of the water. Seeing the beauty of nature is important. When you are blinded by the every day environments we live in, seeing true nature will open your eyes. When you see true nature you realize the beauty that is being slowly taken away as humans developed. The World has unbelievable scenes and sights and when you see the true World you will realize what beauty is. 

  Power of Place 


The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.” 

~ Henry David Thoreau 


    Only few places in your life will ever make a special place. Certain places are special to people; it makes them feel comfortable and at home. I have a place that is like my second home, where I am surrounded by friends and a community that I love. The Fenn School in Concord MA is a place only people that have been there experience. Fenn is a special community that surrounds you in the kindness and support of your fellow teachers and friends. During lunch everyone in 8th grade and my class of 23 in ninth grade meet to eat. Recently we got new lunch tables and I had a table where I wasn’t really close to anyone that was going to sit there with me. When we sat down I felt like it was easy to talk to everyone, even though I wasn’t close to them. The community at Fenn accepts me and supports me and I do the same. People love and care, because everyone else loves and cares about them. Powerful places are apart of a  different place in everybody’s harts, the power of place is the strongest power of all.  

Cook Community, Place, Stewardship

Community, Place, Stewardship 

What makes a place special

“A place is only as good as the people in it.”                       ~ Pittacus Lore  


The World is so big yet there are few places where you can call home. It is hard to feel like your thoughts, feelings and emotions can be comfortably brought out from the inside and be comforted by the kind words and support of special people. Few people have the opportunity to go to a place where there is a true kind and supportive community, and where you feel free to accept yourself.


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