True Power 

How can you get power?



“Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power.”

~ William Gaddis


    In books you can find that the themes and concepts in that read can relate to your life. In the book, The Lord of the Flies,  there are themes present in the book that to real life. The first theme is the weak and the strong, [page 10] “He was old enough, twelve year and a few months.” The weak and the strong in the book show each characters power over the group. Ralph and Jack who are older and stronger are the ones leading the people even if what they are doing is not right. “We are on an island. We have been on the mountaintop and seen water all around. We saw no houses, no smoke, no footprints, no boats, no people. We are on an uninhabited island with no other people on it.  " [Lord of the Flies, Chapter 2, Page 38] Ralph takes the charge and spits facts to the people. The weak and the strong in the book relates to the rich and the poor in modern day life. The rich people have more power because they are more pronounced in society. You don’t ever hear new about a person in poverty that makes a difference. It is not because lower class people cant make a difference, it is that other people don’t believe they can.  It may be hard but you can be strong. 

Literary analysis about A Child’s Christmas in Whales

Unlocking a child’s mind

A Deep Dive Into a Extraordinary Story



   “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

~ Albert Einstein


    A child's imagination is far greater than any story ever told; it is endless, yet as  real as life itself. Dylan Thomas writes A Childs Christmas in Whales as a young boy during the Christmas season. He uses his imagination to expand on things that is just a normal task. His writing style keeps the reader engaged and interested in the story, looking forward to what comes next. 

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The Power of Tradition

Coffee Cake 

The True Meaning of Tradition


“Tradition is the illumination of permanence” 

~ Woody Allen


Everyone has a tradition of their own. Every year on the morning of Christmas my family and I have a coffee cake that was frozen from the grocery store, but it is not about what we do that makes this tradition special,  but about what it means to us that makes it special. If it wasn’t for tradition, our family wouldn’t have this special moment that means more that just an unhealthy breakfast together. Eating this coffee cake recognizes the connection and love every one of us has for each other. It makes our family remember that we always have each other, even with all the other distractions in our lives blocking us from family. We all sit at the table in the morning of Christmas together eating coffee cake because that is what brings us together. Tradition is something that helps you remember and look back or forth on something. For my family we eat coffee cake together because it brings us closer as a family. It helps us veer our minds away from the real life distractions like school, work and social life and the worries we have about all of it. It brings us together to remember that we always have each other and that no matter what happens we always will. When you have time like this with your family you look back on memorable things that you have had with your family because it makes you realize the importance of them. It also makes you look forward, because it makes you think of why you need to cherish you family. Tradition is the memory of the past and the positive outlook of the future. 


How to succeed at Fenn


”Cross the bridge to success” 

~ John Sexsmith

Step 1: Give a damn. I see my classmates all the time leaving their work until the last minute to do or doing something that’s not academic during a study hall. Time management is hard to do when there is so many other things that you can do that isn’t academic. At Fenn, teachers want you to learn and do well in their classes, so if you try hard on all of your assignments and what to learn your teachers will guide you to success. 

Step 2: Ask for help. At my time at Fenn I have had the opportunity to ask meet with teachers outside of class. In 6th grade my advisor and math teacher was Mr. Sanborn. When I was having trouble in the class I would go in early and ask him about the homework or to review for the next test and he would happily give me help. This encouraged me to do it with my other classes and now in ninth grade I still do it. 

Step 3: have a good time. It is hard to do well and enjoy one thing if you hate it. You are surrounded my kind student and teachers at Fenn so enjoy it. When you like what you do you will put in more of an effort. For example if you like a certain sport you are going to have fun and want to get better, but if you not like the sport you aren’t going to keep on playing it. Make school fun by being involved in school life and you will have success.


Writing about a challenge

Breaking the Wall

Pursuing through a challenge     


”Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

~ George S. Patten 

    A challenge is what blocks you from reaching your goals. There are many challenges that you will face throughout your life. It is easy to give up when you are challenged, but it is hard to peruse through that challenge. For me one of my biggest challenges in life is hockey. Although I love to play hockey and it is one of my favorite things to do it challenges me to another level. This year I switched from my previous hockey team called the Minuteman Flames, to a new hockey team called the Junior Bruins. When I decided to make this switch I realized it was going to be challenging. This new team is an older team with kids that’s birth years were mostly 2003 and 2004 and I am a 2005 birth year. I was hesitant to join the team at first because I was manipulated by the though of how challenging this experience would be, but I wanted to get better and improve my hockey so I decided to join. Now that a portion of the season has gone by I can confidently say that it has been and still is challenging. I am having a great time playing against kids that love hockey and to challenge their teammates to improve. As I face further challenges in my life I will look at this and I will step in the way of the challenge instead of backing up. 


When a brick wall is build in front of you, knock it down. 

Team Literary Analysis - Cook, Moskow, Stevens

The Power of Gods

The True Authors of the Odyssey

44122752-5F68-47A2-8642-3368CCF1E5B2”A small rock holds back a great wave” 

~ Homer


    The power of gods is unmatched. In the epic poem, The Odyssey, by Homer translated by Robert Fagles the Gods and Goddesses posses great power and influence over the Greek population. Gods and Goddesses like Poseidon, Athena, and Ino have made it evident they are the powers of the book. The Gods and Goddesses are the main conflicts and solutions of the overall plot evolution so far in The Odyssey. Hermes came to the island that Odysseus was trapped on by Calypso the Nymph and helped him leave in his raft. Poseidon, the God of the sea, made it hard for Odysseus  to get to his destination, Scheria. Poseidon almost made Odysseus drown because he caused him to fall out of his raft, but Ino, goddess of the sea gave Odysseus a scarf that made him immortal so that he could complete his journey to the island Scheria.


    She pitied Odysseus, tossed, tormented so — she broke from the waves like a shearwater on the wing, lit on the wreck and asked him kindly, “Ah poor man, “why is the god of earthquakes so dead set against you? Strewing your way with such a crop of troubles!  [The Odyssey, Book Five Lines 370-374]


Gods are the authors of The Odyssey. Odysseus relies on the power of Gods to save him fro the raft?. In Book V Odysseus is being tormented and challenged by a God, Poseidon, which is making it hard for him to get to the island. The Goddess Ino is the one who helps him get to the island and peruse through Poseidon’s obstacles. The Gods and goddesses are the ones running this story, they are the conflict and the solution of the problem. Gods are ultimately the creators; they have the ability to do more than humans and it is evident in The Odyssey. Without gods and the power they contain the world wouldn’t be the same. 

Am I Prepared to Travel the World.

Am I Prepared to Travel the World?  

Learning more about the World Around you.

    ”Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by” 

~ Robert Frost 

The World is filled with varieties of different people and places and there is countless different cultures and communities. I have only been out of Country once. I went to Ecuador for a few days before going on a boat to visit the Galápagos Islands. Just from being in a different country I realize that it is extraordinarily different from the place I live in now. The people, setting and culture was completely different. It is hard to travel to these places and be prepared to positively adapt to the new culture and a new place. Am I prepared to travel the World? 

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Cook improvement


Community Improvement

What Needs to Be done


“No matter how much experience you have, there’s always something new you can learn and room for improvement.”

~ Roy T. Bennett


    In life there is always improvements that can be done to different things in order to make them better. I am currently a ninth grader at The Fenn School in Concord MA and there are improvement that can be done by the students and faculty to make the school and the community better. The Fenn school is a wonderful place that has lost it’s freedom, and countability.  


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