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A Morning on the Water 


“This world is but a canvas for our imagination” 

~ Henry David Thoreau 


    Nature is beautiful. The true beauty of nature is rarely observable because of the scattered roads, buildings, houses, and people that have manipulated it to become what it is today. It is filled with natural life, and real sounds, but you never realize it until you take a true look into its eyes. It was still dark as my Dad and I got ready to launch the kayak. The clear blue water of Nequassett lake in Southern Maine. Crickets were still sounding as I made my way out to the main part of the Lake. My kayak, surrounded in fishing rods, cut through glassy water like a knife through butter. The sun started to peak up from the trees as I got to my destination. “This is real nature,” I thought, as my first cast broke the surface of the water. Seeing the beauty of nature is important. When you are blinded by the every day environments we live in, seeing true nature will open your eyes. When you see true nature you realize the beauty that is being slowly taken away as humans developed. The World has unbelievable scenes and sights and when you see the true World you will realize what beauty is. 


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Bobby Skrivanek

Nice idea for a post, and good job using it. Good descriptive words and amazing job describing the scene. Good takeaway, and an overall good post!

Finley Stevens

I really liked this post because you talked a lot about the true beauty of nature. You also used a lot of words that you could kind of hear in your mind. I also really liked the simile you used.

Henry Spence

Ben, in this piece you really captured the aspect of kayaking on the lake in the early morning and you made it feel as if I were there. I liked how you stated how we blind nature in our everyday lives and how we need to experience it. Overall, great piece!


Cook, did a really nice job and using nature to breathe life into your writing is truly inspiring.


Great job ben, the descriptions you used in this were great and I especially liked when you said my kayak cut through glassy water like a knife through butter. Your started and finished this piece strong. Good job.

Jack Moskow

Cook Great job. This piece beautifully showed the power of the aspect of kayaking.

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