Cook Book IV literary reflection

Cook Book IV literary reflection

Wiling to Struggle

What a Challenging book can help you achieve



”Accept the challenge so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

~ George S. Patten


    It is hard for a book to have so much complexity and description that is written in a way that challenges and brings the reader into the story. As I read The Odyssey I have expanded my knowledge of understanding the themes, characters and setting of the book. The complex wording makes me want to understand what the book is trying to portray. When I first started to read this book my understanding of it was slim, but now as I have been forced to re-read, rethink and asses the book I am creating a better understand of it. The struggles I face are teaching me what to do in the future. Reading The Odyssey is giving me knowledge that will be helpful in the future. This book taught me that you have to do more than what the expectations are if yo really want to connect to the book. Even though it is difficult, the failures and setbacks teach me to keep forcing myself to understand what I can’t and become successful in what I fail at. Even though I was forced to take a deep dive into difficult reading and analyzing it has been worth it so far. The challenge has tough me things that other easier books could not have. I am happy I have the opportunity to read this book, and I hope this book changes my life in a positive way.


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