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Cook Community, Place, Stewardship

Community, Place, Stewardship 

What makes a place special

“A place is only as good as the people in it.”                       ~ Pittacus Lore  


The World is so big yet there are few places where you can call home. It is hard to feel like your thoughts, feelings and emotions can be comfortably brought out from the inside and be comforted by the kind words and support of special people. Few people have the opportunity to go to a place where there is a true kind and supportive community, and where you feel free to accept yourself.


    It takes a lot for a place to be special, and to be more than what it seems. In order for a place to be special you need to have had fond memories of the place and people that support you and bring out your inner self. You need a kindly natured community that makes you feel at home. The Fenn school is a special place. It is a once in a lifetime place that once you leave there is nothing like it. The kids, teachers and classmates show a different kind of support and respect. Ever since I came to Fenn I have felt at home. I have always been able to be myself and try new things. When I was younger I took Fenn for granite, I thought of it as just school. Now as I grew older I came to realize that Fenn I not just a school, but a home.

    It is important to absorb what you have learned from the Fenn School and reflect the same values in school and out. As the start of the ninth grade year develops one of my goals is to help make people feel the same way about Fenn. Being a steward of something that you used to be on the other side of is difficult and it takes courage, but it is important for the people that used to be in my place. You have to be someone that people will like to follow because you do the right things. It takes experience and knowledge to be a steward because without that there is nothing to pass on. Although being a steward is difficult it is achievable by anyone with the courage to do so.

    In this world there are countless things that can make you stressed and put you down, but when you know that you have family and friends supporting you through every step it gives you extra confidence and support through the hard times. It is hard to realize as we go through our everyday tasks because it becomes a routine but most of us live in a community and have a family that keeps us motivated and comfortable in our own skin.


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Jack Moskow

Well written cook. I really liked your closing paragraph, while it was a little long, it was still very powerful and ended you piece beautifully. As you said in your third paragraph I too agree that it’s very important to reflect the values which you have in school and out. In conclusion great job cook you wrote a beautifully crafted piece.


Your introduction and your conclusion all stood out to me in a positive way. Support can be everything in the modern world. Great Job!


Your introduction was veery good, it really showed how much you love Fenn. Great job writing this, you did really well in expressing how you feel about the Fenn community.

Henry Spence

This was a well crafted piece. You showed how the Fenn community works today to make it the school we all know. Great Job!


Very nice peace. Truly understood the values of community, place, and stewardship. Great opening sentence to eat the readers mind to broaden and think.



Finley Stevens

I really enjoyed your opening paragraph I especially liked your first sentence it really set the theme. You essay was also very relatable.

Owen O

I really liked your third paragraph on stewardship. Reflecting the values of a place is a good way to show that you love it. Well written piece overall.


I really like your thoughtful approach at this essay. I also really liked the line in your third paragraph, “You have to be someone that people will like to follow because you do the right things.” This line really describes what a good steward is.

Malcolm Clark

This piece is well written, it really captures what these three words mean to you. It’s very inspiring, and makes me think about what these words mean to me. Good price overall.

Bobby Skrivanek

Good post. I like how you incorporated fenn very heavily. There were a few typos, but great job on your conclusion and ending it with a good message. Great overall post Ben!

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