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“No matter how much experience you have, there’s always something new you can learn and room for improvement.”

~ Roy T. Bennett


    In life there is always improvements that can be done to different things in order to make them better. I am currently a ninth grader at The Fenn School in Concord MA and there are improvement that can be done by the students and faculty to make the school and the community better. The Fenn school is a wonderful place that has lost it’s freedom, and countability.  


The Fenn School starts in forth grade and ends in ninth grade, so there is a large age gap between the oldest and youngest students. When you are in ninth grade you are in high school; a freshmen, but it is hard to be treated like a freshman in a school that is predominantly a elementary and middle school. It is clear that we are not treated like high schools socially, partly because we can’t because we are not in a school of high schoolers, but we can make improvements. One thing that we can do is give the ninth graders more freedom. 

When I compare eighth grade to now there is not much of a difference. I was expecting to come to ninth grade and have the freedom of a high schooler, but so far I don’t have that. Yes, we have senior time, but should that really be all? There should be other times outside of class where seniors have time to themselves. It could be during a class every once in a while, or we could bring back pen-to-paper like ninth graders used to have. It is important that ninth graders don’t just feel like they are high schoolers in academics, but they should socially too. Nothing is perfect and nothing can ever be perfect but we can at least try. 

Sometime you have to do what is told and just try your best with the information you know. At school students will complain and about their work about how they are getting too much, or the directions are too confusing. I believe it is good to ask questions when you really are confused about something but otherwise just work to accomplish that assignment. Kids need to be aware that school isn’t perfect so when we are struggling with something we need to pursue through it and not complain and try to get out of it. Just work hard to get it done. 

Although there are improvements by the students and the teacher that can be done, Fenn is a community that everyone is cherished and are kind to each other. People love Fenn because it is a comfortable place. 

Improve in what you can and enjoy what you have. 



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The Fenn Voice

Excellent piece (though it needs a bit of editing.) Your thoughts on differentiation the 8th and 9th experience is compelling. What steps are needed, do you think?


I definitely agree with your point that we don’t get enough freedom. Boys mature and learn best when they are alone. And to be given more freedom would really help students growth as boys.


Cook, I understand when you say “we are not treated like high schoolers”. It is kinda weird and I liked a lot of the points that you made and good reasoning to back it up. Good thoughts, good piece of writing.

Henry Spence

Ben, I see your points on how we need more options for freedom. Overall good piece.

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