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Journal entry #1

Before the Coronavirus spread so widely around the US I had a plan that during march break I was going to fix up a boat that I would go fishing in. There was a small 14 foot Jon boat that my dad used to use when he was a kid in Maine. We have a house in Maine and by our house this boat jus lays upside down in the dirt, it hasn’t been touched in years. Before break I found out that I had mono. I wasn’t allowed to do anything, which meant I couldn’t work on the boat. Now, that my mono is almost over I am able to build the boat, but now the corona virus has taken over, not allowing me to travel. Although I cant work on it, currently I am looking at better ways that I can fix it up. I have done research and now I believe that I can make it much better. Now, I plan on framing the boat with aluminum and then putting a deck on top, which is basically a bass boat but I get to build it and it is way less expensive. 


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How about this? I could help you via FaceTime.


I have built a couple of these with kids. Nice fishing boat.


I can relate, there is a lot of opportunities and plans that have been cancelled because of this virus. However, unlike my ambitions, you will eventually get to revisit that special boat. I'm sure it will be waiting for you. Not very long, but that doesn't matter, what does is that you spoke what was on your mind and the truth, which is more valuable than any other writing assignment with a word minimum.


Good journal entry Ben! It’s sad that you did not get the opportunity to work on your boat like you wanted to due to the virus. Despite not being able to do it quite yet I think that will be a fun project.


Good post Ben. I also spend a lot of my summer in Maine, but sadly because it’s my grandparents house and because older people are more at risk we probably won’t be able to got up until the Coronavirus is completely over which is really disappointing.

Jack Moskow

Great post Ben! Despite the building of your boat being put on pause, you’ve taken the extra step to prepare for the building of it like with making the decision of framing it with aluminum! I hope this quarantine ends soon so you can go get out on the water in your new boat!


Ben, it is a great post! I really enjoy in reading the how you want to fix the boat and your helpless mood toward coronavirus outbreak. Things are going to get well, you will be able to fix your boat soon.

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