Journal entry #3

Journal entry #2

Sometimes times alone are the best times you have. During the quarantine before school started, I was basically nocturnal. I would wake up really late during the day and go to bed late at night. I like doing this because at night it is just me. There is no one around me talking, complaining and arguing about things, just me. And the silence of the night.

Before I had all this time I never really realized why I liked staying up at night. Sure I liked staying up with friends during a sleepover or in town because we aren’t  supposed to, but it is different by yourself. It is like you are in a different world, where you can’t see or hear any of the imperfections of life. You are in a bubble of your thoughts and are in silence and freedom. There is no one telling you what to — as long as you are quiet. 

It is hard being able to find that feeling of separation between you and the distractions and manipulation of the world. But if you are able to it is a time that changes you. 


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