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 We don’t all get the chance to follow in someone else’s footsteps. Or get the change to follow a path that someone has already been through. I have that chance. Throughout my life my dad and my mom have been mentors and the base of my life. I had always followed in their footprints with my own and tried to leave a trail that will make them proud. 

When you have three kids it is hard to deal with the stress and responsibility it takes to handle them, and as a little kid it is hard to know what your parent are going through and how you can help them go through it. As you grow you come to realize that they have done more for you than anyone has ever done in your lives and you never can pay back that kindness and relationship your parents have given you, but you can try. Wisdom comes with age and with that wisdom you are able to realize what you have put your parents through. Some may never have the strength of being a parent that loves and cares for a kid, but if you do it is a large and loving commitment. 

When I was a kid, I was the kind that would run off when parents weren’t looking and I would scream and shout at anyone and anything at any time. And my parents didn’t only have to deal with me but also had to deal with two other brothers similar. One time I went to an aquarium with my whole family when I was really little, about 4 years old. My parents said that I saw a really cool fish at the aquarium and when they weren’t looking I ran to go and find that fish. I eventually got lost form my family. My parent then searched all over the aquarium and ask many people if they had seen me. They eventually found me and we left right after because I was crying so much because I was scared. 

Loving parents do what is necessary for keeping you safe and protected from whatever hits. They will protect you at any means necessary. Being a parent is one of the hardest things someone can do and even though I have never been a parent I can see the responsibility and love it takes in order to be a good one. 

Not everyone has parents that take care of them and love them as much as mine. I am lucky to have been put in a situation that I can thrive and be protected and supported by people that love me. 

Now that I am older I see that parent do so much more than take care of you. They show you a path that leads to success and they help you trough that path no matter what it takes. 


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Your words are beautiful, and I hope your parents get a chance to read this. It will be good for their heart and soul to know how you feel. It would be helpful to go back to this essay and proofread a bit more carefully to catch some small mistakes in punctuation and spelling. Also, give it the visual rhetoric that will make it look as beautiful as it reads. Don't forget the line break after the first paragraph.


Great memoir Ben. I think it is a great thing that you appreciate your parents as much as you do. You really converted that in this memoir which made it super good.


Ben, this was a really nice way to show how much you appreciate your parents. I liked how you focused on their impact on you. This really helped me be able to see them through your eyes. Great job!



This as great. You open it broadly with the idea of parenting, and the sentimental values of what it means to be a parent. As a teenager that can be very difficult to understand. You are also able to apply that to your own life. Great Job.


Great memoir Ben, I really liked how you gave the example for the aquarium and how you ran away to find a fish, but when you realized you couldn’t find your parents you got really scared. Overall I really liked your memoir.

Bobby Skrivanek

I appreciated how you put a story, even if a short one, to go with your piece. It shows in action what you said earlier, and gives us proof. Short and sweet, and doesn’t take more time than it needs.

Malcolm Clark

This is great Ben, I also wrote about a parent so this really hits home for me. It was fun to read about what your parents do for you. It shows that they really love you and you really love them. Keep up the great work.

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