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The Power of Tradition

Coffee Cake 

The True Meaning of Tradition


“Tradition is the illumination of permanence” 

~ Woody Allen


Everyone has a tradition of their own. Every year on the morning of Christmas my family and I have a coffee cake that was frozen from the grocery store, but it is not about what we do that makes this tradition special,  but about what it means to us that makes it special. If it wasn’t for tradition, our family wouldn’t have this special moment that means more that just an unhealthy breakfast together. Eating this coffee cake recognizes the connection and love every one of us has for each other. It makes our family remember that we always have each other, even with all the other distractions in our lives blocking us from family. We all sit at the table in the morning of Christmas together eating coffee cake because that is what brings us together. Tradition is something that helps you remember and look back or forth on something. For my family we eat coffee cake together because it brings us closer as a family. It helps us veer our minds away from the real life distractions like school, work and social life and the worries we have about all of it. It brings us together to remember that we always have each other and that no matter what happens we always will. When you have time like this with your family you look back on memorable things that you have had with your family because it makes you realize the importance of them. It also makes you look forward, because it makes you think of why you need to cherish you family. Tradition is the memory of the past and the positive outlook of the future. 


Am I Prepared to Travel the World.

Am I Prepared to Travel the World?  

Learning more about the World Around you.

    ”Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by” 

~ Robert Frost 

The World is filled with varieties of different people and places and there is countless different cultures and communities. I have only been out of Country once. I went to Ecuador for a few days before going on a boat to visit the Galápagos Islands. Just from being in a different country I realize that it is extraordinarily different from the place I live in now. The people, setting and culture was completely different. It is hard to travel to these places and be prepared to positively adapt to the new culture and a new place. Am I prepared to travel the World? 

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