Literary Narrative Paragraph
The Power of Respect

Power of Friendship

                                           True brother 

DA415A94-9D13-4AC9-8E49-4771AC60C74A Friendship is a responsibility, not an opportunity

                     ~   Brainy quote


Everyone needs a true brother. And for me this true brother is my best friend Brenden, He has been there for me through thick and thin, from taking the blame to saving me the last slice of pizza. But one moment stands out from the rest. It was a dark and cold night, about a month ago. Me and about four of my childhood friends were a block away from one of their houses in which we were sleeping over that night. We were walking around the neighborhood, for a late night stroll. When we turned on to a block with no street lights, it was like looking into a black hole, there was zero, at all. One of my buddies decided that it would be a funny idea to ditch me, so I would have to walk in the dark alone, considering I had a broken knee and couldn’t run. They took off like rockets. And

when the dust settled, Brendan was the one only one who stayed behind. I didn’t have to second guess, I knew he would be there. I know that what happened isn’t all that exiting, but to me there was a deeper meaning than Brendan not going with the rest of the group. It meant that Brendan will be there for me even when it is something small like what I just talked about. I new I could rely on Brendan to not run away, because that’s the type of bond me and him have made over the years, and I know I always can rely on him. 


The importance of a reliable friend is something even words can’t compose.


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Drew Callen

The first two sentences are really detailed and the metaphors are amazing


I really liked your conclusion, and the way you describe how much Brendan not running away meant to you.

Finn hudson

I love the story and how such a little thing can mean so much

Chad Bartlett

Great essay all around, I especially liked the conclusion it kept the readers thinking.


Good job. I really liked the experience you used to validate your theme, and the whole essay fit together quite well.


I like the line when you say when the dust settled, Brendan was the only one who stayed behind me. It really illustrates the scene well.

Willie Belle

Nice. I liked the experience you used to validate your theme

Will Hatten

Your last sentence is so true and I couldn’t agree more.

Rory Kennealy

I really like how you ended the essay that was really deep.

Dereck Then

It amazing that something so small can mean something so big. Great job!

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