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                          Nonsense and beauty have close connections 

                                              ~Brainy quote. 


Finding a novel you can relate to is rare. In the section of The Adventure of Tom Sawer that I read, I could immediately relate. Due to personality compelling mischief and imagination. As Tom sets off on his day of adventures, immediately had a connection, that would soon get stronger, as his day went on.

His first task of the day was having to whitewash a fence, this is like me having to go to school, as he finds a sneaky way to get out of his chore by having another kid do it for him, it is like prolonging and taking extra time to get ready. I found me and Tom Sawer are more alike than I thought. Tom soon lets his imagination run wild by pretending he is crossing a wild river of a powerful steamboat, while in reality he is just sitting on a tree stump. While I read this part is immediately made a connection, the scene reminded me of myself daydreaming in math class.

Although, it was hard keeping up with is fast paced and action packed book, I feel that when the reader is able to make a connection to any character in the book, it make the reading experience ten times better for the reader. I will try to include this strategy in my writing because, it is like a backup plan for if my writing piece isn’t all that good, at least the reader will be able to make a connection to my writing.

Reading this cut from the novel, broadened my horizon, but overall I would rate this cut a six out of ten, but once I made connections to Tom the book went up to an eight. So I would totally recommend reading this book, and trying to make a connection because, then your experience will improve


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Drew Callen

Great job at explaining how you were able to connect with a character, I really enjoyed reading this passage.

Willie Belle

I liked how you explained that you could easily relate to the character Tom. I could also easily relate which is why I liked this essay. I also liked how, alongside with the example of yourself, you also used examples from the book which was cool.

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