Power of Friendship

The Power of Respect




                                    To give is to gain ~ Andy


              In order to receive respect, you must give respect. My eighth grade English class once forgot to show any respect to our teacher, Fitz. Our class just kept talking about sports,  talking about grades, and talking about their own personal problems.


      It was “G” day, first period. The whole English class was gathered around Fitz’s twelve foot American cherry wood circle table. Fitz started his lesson for the day, and that’s when the mayhem began. It started off with a small side conversation, and that started the rapidly expanding fire of talking. Fitz tried to stop the talking time after time again, but it was like a raging bull on a tragic rampage. Not one person was giving Fitz even half the respect he deserved. It eventually got to the point where Fits needed a break and stormed out. If it weren’t for the lack of disrespect coming from the class, Fitz wouldn’t have left the class and the it would have been a normal day. This is why you need to show some respect to gain a little respect. I learned this lesson the hard way, but I got it done, and that’s what matters.


The importance of being respectful is beyond words, it will bring you many great thing in life.


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I like how you used metaphors and similes to make the piece more professional!


I really like how you put your head and heart and smoking gun together, your transition from one to another was great, and the writing piece read really well, and had great flow.


I really like how you wrote you head and heart and smoking gun. I also really liked how you use similes and metaphors.


While this was a short paragraph I feel that you put all of it together perfectly. During the smoking gun you felt like you were in the classroom again because you described the scene so well. The transition from the smoking gun to the head and heart was quick but well done.

Will Hatten

Your conclusion hit home and it really resembles what we need to follow as humans. This piece of writing was put together well and stuck out to me.

Finn hudson

I liked how you tied your reflection to the story very well because it flowed really well into it. Also your theme was the perfect fit for this story because we weren’t giving fitz no where near enough respect, so he decided to leave us on our own to see how we dealer with it. Also you described how we were taught this lesson very well “ I learned this lesson the hard way, but I got it done, and that’s what matters.”

Willie Belle

I like how you used some sentence building techniques, like at the beginning of your second paragraph, you used essential detail that painted the image into anyone’s mind. I also liked the example you used, and how it happened to us so we can relate to it easier, and so we could imagine it easier. Great essay.

Dereck Then

I really liked how well you described the scene. It was very descriptive and very well written. I liked how your conclusion implies on what everyone should do. This was a great essay.


I really liked how you described the scene at the beginning of your second paragraph. The detail all fit together well, and the simile with the “raging bull” worked very well with the rest of the scene. The transition between the second paragraph and the conclusion was also quite good.


I like how you go from a broad them to something as small as the length and make of a table, it adds great description and leaves little to the imagination. I also like your use of a simile, it adds a heightened level of writing that makes you sound like a New York Times bestselling author.

Kevin Yuan

The similes and metaphors make the essay so much more enjoyable to read. The set up and smoking gun are full of detail. I like the part where you say that Fitz didn’t get half the respect he deserved. The transitions between essays are well written, and it makes reading the whole essay a whole lot smoother.

Jack Doherty

I liked this story very much and you did a great job adding descriptions to the story to make it more interesting and more enjoyable to read.


I like how you related our classroom o a burning fire.

Drew Callen

The whole story in my mind is a lesson that leads up to the conclusion, and it is very good overall.

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